As known all over, chats in Whatsapp are considered to be read by receiver if there occurs to be two check-marks…But in actual there had been no such thing until now. People look at their sent messages and if the check-mark appears twice, they assumed their messages have been read by the recipients. But that’s not it.

That actually meant that your message has been received, not read. But as Facebook has took the responsibility under their hands, it seems that they actually understood what people thought and with the new update, those check-marks will work the way you previously they did!

Whatsapp Blue checkmark

According to the new update, the sent message will have:

  • Single check-mark if message is sent (check-mark color- black, light grey).
  • Double check-mark if the message is received (check-mark color- black, light grey).
  • Double check-mark will turn blue once the message has been opened.

The new developers are really interesting, working according to “actual user experience”.



Varun is a Computer Science Engineering student. He enjoys coding, music and is a dedicated counter-terrorist.


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    If you want to be a good tech writer, I would highly recommend you take English/Writing courses.

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