Amazon’s new Echo, Call “Alexa”


What is Amazon Echo?

The announcement of Amazon Echo, half speaker, half voice-activated personal assistant for the house came as a bolt from the blue earlier in the week.

Amazon has been backing concerning revealing product details. For example, there is no launch date or declared strategy —What we tend to know: kind of like Siri, you will be ready talk over with the cylinder-shaped device and raise it to browse the news aloud, set alarms, play music, keep in mind searching lists and even tell jokes. Amazon Echo is of nine inches and act in response to the word “Alexa.”


Amazon is not within the business of rouse you up or reading you the news. It sells you things. And paired with sensible home automation — suppose voice-control to manage the lights and temperature — Echo might be the long run, however not in its current type.

Amazon’s New Echo

Amazon has had success with hardware before (Kindle) once it has been come in front of the market; however it had been late to the smart phone game and its fireplace phone sales suffered. Now, it’s making an attempt one thing entirely new and there is vast potential, if it’s done right.

The Amazon Echo is a similar to the Fire Phone in look upon; it may do some fascinating things, but its lashing vigor, the thump in its heart, will be to accept your money as competently as potential.

Amazon Echo Key Features

Amazon may monetize the electro-acoustic transducer by golf stroke the device in places wherever you may think about stuff you need to shop for — the room, the toilet, the lounge — things that Amazon will then simply fulfill.

Amazon Echo to achieve its true latent, it’ll have to be obliged to grow because the trade innovates, however is ahead of it too.

Amazon Echo Advanced Audio Design

The price of Amazon Echo signals a good larger push from the corporate to grow its Prime membership. The device price is $99 for Amazon Prime members and $199 for the reaming folks.


Images Source (ScreenShots) : Amazon’s New Echo