Plexidrone: Latest Tool For Smart Ariel Photography

Definitely the next trend in technology are the drones. The recent years have witnessed a steady rise in the production of various drones to simplify automated machines as we know it. Many major projects have hit the market like IRIS+, project wings, etc. Once thoroughly questioned about reliability, now these drones are accepted widespread for the services they are able to provide remotely. These automated machines not only provide efficient controls over the designated tasks but also have a little tiny room to take standalone decision based on its artificial intelligence. The team behind the PlexiDrone really couldn’t have timed its run any better, looking to shake things up with a snap-together drone capable of lugging a range of camera equipment along for the ride.

The Plexidrone launched on Indiegogo at the beginning of October and successfully cruised past its initial funding goal of $100k within the first week of its campaign. Like all successfully crowdfunded drone campaigners, the DreamQii team have been quite creative marketing the virtues of their creation and proactive in generating press for their campaign. Plexidrone is an entombment of many features. It has ultrasonic sensors for obstacle avoidance and safety. It is also assembled with snap together assembly, with no tools. It can be assembled in merely less than 45 seconds. That is miraculously fast. In addition to this, it has retractable landing gear, so you will never see them in the corners of your shots, providing you with a clear cut view. With DreamQii’s PlexiDrone, you will never have to crop landing gear or propellers out of your footage. A perfectly-positioned camera stabilization system combined with cutting-edge retractable landing gear give PlexiDrone a completely unobstructed 360-degree field of view. It has swarming technology, to control multiple drones simultaneously by smartphone or a tablet, taking multi- tasking to a whole new level. And after all it also has an aerodynamic backpack to carry aerial all your gear.

Attentive to market feedback from film-makers and photographers, DreamQii realized the demand for an extremely portable aerial photography platform. In response, DreamQii engineered an ultra-compact solution that can be assembled or disassembled in less than a minute, with no tools. DreamQii’s PlexiDrone is also a development platform where makers can create and share custom payload modules. Easy access to a developer’s port and power port make the PlexiDrone an ideal development platform.  The PlexiHub is a proprietary Bluetooth-enabled bridge that acts like a wireless router for drones. This allows one user to simultaneously capture aerial footage from multiple vantage points. Swarm technology extends usage scenarios by allowing a single user to control a network of drones to accomplish goals like following search grid patterns or surveying larger surface areas. PlexiDrone is controlled through any smartphone or tablet using DreamQii’s custom PlexiGCS (ground control software). PlexiGCS is a next-generation control platform that allows the user to operate one or many PlexiDrones with a range of up to one mile. Users interact with a 3D map to identify stationary or moving points of interest, draw desired flight paths and send commands. PlexiGCS eliminates the need for expert piloting skills and a bulky RC remote control. There are only a limited number of PlexiDrone packages selling for the low early-bird price.