Lock Your Curls For The Perfect Selfie Using Selfie Brush

Ever since the smart phones have been invented, many new trends also took birth with it. Smart phones provided us with many such facilities that were quite difficult to have before, in one integrated gadget. One such facility was the camera. Ever since the smart phone incorporated a facility of video calling, the front camera was installed in this device. Though this was just a primary reason, the secondary reason soon became much more profound! The Selfies! The front camera gave birth to a new trend of Selfies. To click your own picture, try as many different poses as you want! But it becomes quite cumbersome to take your own snap and to facilitate this now a Selfie brush is invented.

Set your curls before you snap a pic. “Selfie Brush” is a hairbrush which works both as a mirror and an iPhone case. Once you mount your phone onto a handle, the $20 “Selfie Brush” is easy to hold and will help you capture better selfies. It is not just great for a woman but men are liking this product too to attain a perfect selfie. Whether it’s a self-portrait taken with a smartphone, a group shot at a family reunion, or that once-in-a-lifetime pose with a prom sweetheart, if there’s one thing that could totally ruin the photo. This brush not only enable you to decide a perfect angle but also gives you that last moment brush up that makes you look fabulous in your Selfies. It is a perfect tool to help you enhance your beauty on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and obviously Instagram. When photography is all about capturing the moment, how do you make time to ensure you look good before the shutter is pressed? If there was only time to brush up. This case will always have your back, or better your iPhone.

But alas you don’t get to use this brush until and unless you own an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s. As it does matter to take the context of size in mind for the case. But if your smart phone can roughly match the size of those iPhones, then you are in for the treat. As the selfie phenomenon has gone into overdrive, the Selfie Brush is either the best invention or the most ridiculous product worthy of late-night TV programming. We know how a bad hair day can ruin a photo, but having a brush designed for taking selfies is a bit much. We’ll let you decide. It is available in black, pink or violet color shade, to match your choice perfectly. The Selfie Brush also comes with a bevy of hints on how to take the perfect selfie.  It also suggests using the mirror to experiment and find the best lighting and angles. As a case, the Selfie Brush is surprisingly thoughtful, leaving openings to access buttons along the side and sporting a slot along the bottom to allow for charging without taking your phone out of the brush. Perhaps the down side to leaving your phone in the case is that everybody will wonder why you’re talking into your hair brush. Well, some weirdness can always be accepted if you look beautiful with with its in your handbag.