King of Panoramic Cam’s Is Here: 360Fly

Life is amazing and to capture it in its essence a camera was developed. These magnificent gadgets not only helped us to capture the beautiful moments of our lives but also proved to be of great academic and scientific importance. Since the invention of the first prototype of a camera we have come a long way ahead with microscopic pin size cams to high definition panoramic cams. And during this tenure one company has proved its worth to the world. EyeSee360 was founded in 1998 as an offshoot of Carnegie Mellon University. Currently EyeSee360 is the technology leader in single-shot panoramic imaging for both still and video photography. They have decades of experience in robotic vision, image rendering, and software interface development. Although their technology was originally designed for aviation and military use, they now make consumer and broadcast products. After their famous GaPano release, the company is also set to dazzle the markert again with its 360° viewable Blutooth- Wi-fi camera, 360Fly.

Their latest invention has recently received approval from FCC. As the company showed earlier, it’s a single-lens 360 degree horizontal and 240 degree vertical fisheye lens that has the widest field of view on the market, so what you get is a hemisphere of video footage, letting you relive the action afterwards and experience what you may have missed, such as the avalanche, when you were busy zipping down the alps or slope. To make it easily useable the developers have built it on the support of  iOS 8 or Android 4.3+ app that turns your Bluetooth LE-equipped smartphone into a 360 degree video viewfinder with full remote control. As we know, how much GoPro cams are in demand, the company’s release will greatly trigger this demand and will prove to be a plus point to the company financialy. 360Fly uses a much more better technique then the rest of the panaromic cams. Using a single lens and sensor eliminates the need to stitch video and photos, instead, you can swipe across the video to pick the angle you want, then edit it together using the 360fly app.

In addition to these, it has some more amazing features. Firstly it is waterproof to a whopping 164 feet (5 atm), something which mostly other cameras do not have. Along with it, it has 16GB of memory. To provide you with amazing clarity, it has a 360 degree horizontal and 240 degree vertical f/2.5 lens and a mic for audio inputs.The next biggest factor that counts the most in the battery power. 360Fly has a 1,504 x 1,504 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor. It can hold a charge for 2 hours, weighs 138g (0.3 pounds) and comes with a tilt mount, power cradle and USB port. Though it already provides 16 GB of internal memory, the device does not supports SD card. According to the developers 16 GB of internal memory would suffice for its use with large data transfer rates. Though the company promised it for this summer, it looks like its ready to at least take a step towards the market now that it’s cleared the FCC.