Dyson Humidifier’s Hygiene Mist Will Keep Your Home’s Air Clean

Smart devices are a must for a smart household. There are many gadgets to convert your house into a fully- fledged smart dome. There are many gadgets like the smart door lock and motion sensor LED lights that make your living experience secure and lavish. To join the category of these devices Dyson has launched its latest gadget. Dyson Ltd is a British technology company that designs and manufactures vacuum cleaners, hand dryers, bladeless fans, and heaters. It sells machines in over 70 countries and employs more than 4,000 people worldwide. The company prides itself on engineering products which work in different and better ways than their predecessors.  Dyson’s founder, James Dyson has launched a new Humidifier after the successful release of Dyson 360 eye. A humidifier is a device that increases humidity in a single room or an entire building.

On average we breathe 22,000 times a day and spend 90 per cent of our time inside. But breathing dry household air can exacerbate breathing problems for allergy sufferers and can also increase the body’s susceptibility to viruses. In the winter the air gets dryer, potentially resulting in chapped lips, blocked sinuses, eczema, psoriasis, thyroid disorders and acne. Dry air can also exacerbate snoring and leaves nasal hairs brittle leaving people susceptible to cold and flu. To provide a solution to all these problems Dyson has come up with his humidifier. The invention cost the company more than £37.5 million to develop and is being launched in Japan and will go on sale in the UK from March, costing from £400.
The Dyson Hygienic Mist humidifier basically looks like an Air Multiplier with a water compartment sitting in its base. But as you’d expect with any new Dyson product, it’s the tech that aims to impress. In this case, Dyson claims it has solved the bacteria problem commonly associated with humidifier use.

The problem with humidifiers is you have to keep them very clean. Warm, standing water can allow bacteria and mold to build up, which in turn can be spread around a room through the air when the humidifier is turned on. The other problem is if the humidity level in a room is too high, it can be bad for your health and can trigger mold growth. Dyson believes it has solved both these problems in the Hygienic Mist. First of all, the water is subjected to UV light, which kills 99.9% of bacteria. It also uses an intelligent thermostat, which stops the humidity in a room getting too high. So the room you use the Hygienic Mist in will remain pleasant at all times and won’t make you sick. The Dyson humidifier uses a plethora of sensors to detect thee temperature and humidity of the air, releasing its own store of up to three liters of water in quiet, even amounts to help maintain a healthy air moisture level. Unfortunately Dyson has announced that they will only be launching the new Dyson Humidifier in Japan this year and other markets will have to wait until the fall of 2015 to be able to get their hands on the innovative new range of humidifiers.