B&O’s First True 360° Bluetooth Speaker

Music has become an essential part of our life these days. Many studies have suggested a positive effect of listening to music on our health and efficiency. So definetly developers have made it a target to extract more from. Nearly every model of a cellphone has a widget that enables you to play music. Many other steps have been taken to provide portability to devices that play music so you can listen to your favourite tracks even while driving, jogging, cooking in the kitchen. Along with portability another factor counts a lot when it comes to music, that is, the quality. Therefore it had become a goal for developers to manufacture such a product which compromises with none of the qualities. After the release of OM’s levitating bluetooth speaker, Bang and Olufsen has also come with its own design BeoPlay A2.

However, the new B&O BeoPlay A2 represents the company’s first ever portable Bluetooth speaker, and it comes at an almost-accessible price point. It’s certainly a looker, formed from a single block of aluminium and flanked by two parallel overhanging polycarbonate grilles. This flat, machined look – complemented by a leather carry-strap – somehow gives the BeoPlay A2 a retro vibe.  The BeoPlay A2 is the company’s first ever Bluetooth speaker, designed to be highly portable with a slim and flat profile that can easily fit into your bag and a classic leather carrying strap at one end. On the technical side, the speaker is fitted out with a 180 watt digital class D amplifier, two 3″ woofers, two 3″ passive bass radiators, and two 3/4″ tweeters. It also has a battery that lasts for a full 24 hours of audio play before needing to be recharged. The B&O Play A2 measures 10.1 inches long by 5.6 inches wide and comes in at 1.7 inches thick, it weighs 1.1kg, and will be available in a range of colors, which include, green, black and gold.

Bring the A2 anywhere to boost your party-mood, bring you from minor to major or just dwell on melancholy for a little while. Help yourself to whatever playlist suits your mood. The B&O Play A2  features a rechargeable LI-ION battery that will give you up to 24 hours of music playback, there is also a USB connector, and a line in port to hook it up to directly to your MP3 player. The B&O Play A2  portable speaker is now available in the UK for £299 and in the U.S. for $350. It is featuring the world’s first omni-directional sound solution for a flat speaker, True360, ensures that everyone listening to the ultra portable speaker enjoys equally good sound no matter where they’re placed.  BeoPlay A2 is a two-channel speaker – with the two channels on each side of the device applying a new Bang & Olufsen solution called “Power Response Enhancement”. It includes an extra tweeter on the rear side of the main driver that gives you a more even high frequency radiation around the edges. This two channel speaker solution is combined with the main speaker drivers’ omni-directional sound dispersion at low frequencies, and results in what we call a True360 sound experience – powerful, room-filling music in all directions.