You Can Have Superpowers With These Tiny Implants

Each and every one of us has had a fantasy of having superpower when we were young. What if humans actually gained any access to such a source of superpower that could allow humans to heal themselves? The idea may seem quite elusive at first, but this breakthrough is not ages away. Although it may seems baffling because till now the scientists have been able to grow only artificial organs but this new discovery has already knocked the doors of human generation. DARPA has taken this magnificent step toward ensuring the concept of immortality under its project name ElectRX.


DARPA is working towards a futuristic medical implant that not only continuously monitors the condition of your organs, but also helps your body heal itself when problems arise. The program, known as Electrical Prescriptions (ElectRx), aims to develop technology that could “fundamentally change the manner in which doctors diagnose, monitor and treat injury and illness,” DARPA’s Doug Weber said in a news release. Moving away from conventional medicine, DARPA plans to develop an implantable device that works somewhat like an intelligent pacemaker, continually monitoring the body’s condition and providing feedback in the form of a stimulus that would help maintain healthy organs.

This program could reduce dependence on pharmaceutical drugs and offer a new way to treat illnesses, according to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The idea for the technology is based on a biological process known as neuromodulation, in which the peripheral nervous system (the nerves that connect every other part of the body to the brain and spinal cord) monitors the status of internal organs and regulate the body’s responses to infection and disease. When a person is sick or injured, this natural process can sometimes be thrown off, according to DARPA. Instead of making a person feel better, neuromodulation can actually exacerbate a condition, causing pain, inflammation and a weakened immune system. There already exists a market for neuromodulatory devices, but current models are bulky, around the size of a deck of cards, and consequently require invasive surgery to fit them into patients. ElectRx devices, on the other hand, would be similar in size to individual nerves and could therefore be implanted with ease, perhaps with a needle.

Thanks to the recent identification of neural circuits involved in the regulation of immune system function, these devices could possibly be useful in the treatment of various inflammatory diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease. Furthermore, it could one day lead to better treatments for various brain and mental health problems, such as epilepsy, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Not only it will ensure a side effect free manner of treatment but it will also relieve a person from the burden of loads of medicines and the repercussion of it if one forgets to take them. All those super heroes like the hulk, Wolverine, superman etc. would actually walk the earth. Though totally in a normal human form. But nevertheless it is an incredible breakthrough and might even create a new step in the process of human evolution, creating the super humans.