Tron Legacy Bike Comes to Life: Xenon

Hollywood science fiction movies have undoubtedly given researchers many creative ideas to develop new gadgets and automobiles. Take the example of Mission Impossible series. The smart specks used in it is definitely the inspiration for Google Glass. Though the actual functionality may be quite different but we can all unanimously agree on the fact that the big screen gives us a misty glance of the gadgets we may see in near future. Flying cars, hoverbikes etc. are all the substantial proofs of the above statement. For the “Tron Legacy” fans, the mesmerizing bike has always seemed elusive. Well, not for a long time now, The Evolve Motorcycles have worked hard to bring this figment of imagination out from the virtual reality to the physical world! You can very well ride the famous Tron legacy bike!


Evolve Motorcycles may very well be the youngest company at the Milan International Motorcycle Show (EICMA) this week, but its booth is getting outsized attention from the gathered throngs. And the reason is obvious, it has a pair of 32-inch hub-less wheels with strips of OLED light tape that carve their way down its length and encircles those magic-looking hoops. The Evolve Motorcycles has named it the Xenon (quite true to its look). The New York-based company claims that the Xenon has a range up to 100 miles and can achieve a top speed of 70 mph. A 40,000-watt motor is powered by either a 60 or 120ah LiFe PO4 battery pack and packaged in a fiberglass chassis built by Parker Brothers Custom Choppers. The Xenon rides on 32-inch hubless wheels and is trimmed with LED light tape to ensure that no one misses your entrance. The three hour charge time will net you an average range of 30 miles, though Evolve says that can be stretched to 100 miles based on speed and weight.

Though as awesome as it sounds, a doubt will always linger as to how many people will actually be able to afford it. In comparison with the pricey Gold Plated Custom Chopper, Hub-less Harley Davidson, Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter the Xenon will not be so hard on the pocket and we will be able to see more of them on market. With the announced price that elevated many heart beats it is affordable with just $55,000. To top with all these plus points, it has another great asset that is its eco-friendly nature. Yes, it is completely electric and thus has no contributing pollution factor. Owing to its huge appearance many may speculate that it would be very heavy to control but since it is made from fiberglass even this little flaw is eliminated. It is a perfect definition of a superbike. Every Evolve model shares its name with an element – this $50,000 futuristic flight of light-bike fancy will now occupy a spot at the top of a growing lineup that currently consists of a trio of nice, moderately-priced scooters. And what an amazing view it will provide parked in your garage.  Check out this amazing video.