Sony Headphones For a Good Swim

Music has become an inevitable part of our life. In our busy schedule, music is the one which brings us respite.  We often tend to listen to music to freshen our mind. Scientists have also suggested in their various studies that music helps to bring out more proficient results if played alongside the work, so many offices apply this theory and have got soft music playing around during the work hours. It is even considered good to play music while working out. Honestly many of us prefer to take earphones out with us on a jog. Even during a ride the car stereo accompanies us. Sony has lived up to this fact and provided us with headphones that will give us music anywhere we want, even while swimming! Ridiculous as it may sound, but now we have the technology that will play us music even underwater.

Available in three colors, the headphones feature NFC and Bluetooth for wirelessly streaming music from a smartphone, but when used in a pool you’re not going to want your phone in your pocket so they also come with 16 GB of built-in storage for keeping MP3s on board. They’re rated to a depth of about six-and-a-half feet so they’re best suited for swimming laps instead of diving, and that includes the wireless ring remote which can be operated with your thumb, even without looking. The sony waterproof walkman headphones ‘NWZ-WS610′ series adds a bluetooth remote ring to enable the wearer to control their music more freely when active.  The water-resistant MP3 player features a lightweight, wrap-around headband that will hold tight when you are running or when you are swimming. The new built-in headset functions with NFC and wireless connectivity in order to make listening easy via streamed songs from your mobile. The command pad is only splash-proof, meaning it can be used for any sport par swimming. The addition frees the wearer to train hard with no interruptions because they can dictate what to listen to with the multi-control buttons.

With a quick three minute power up, the sony walkman headphones can play for one hour and overall, has a battery life of seven. Cleverly, the wire-free and wearable, all-in-one headset can also take hands-free calls, thanks to the built-in mic, with the featured controls makes it easy to govern. The music is ready to go wherever you are, by simply dragging and dropping your tunes from you PC onto the walkman. The remote enables the user to now switch more freely between songs, whilst still on the run. The geared extension has provided this remarkable piece of technology with an adorable extension. Not only it makes it more handy and comfortable for the purposes it is made to serve, it also brings out the latest in fashion trends of wearable. Sony has taken the concept of waterproof technology to a whole new level. Even though we haven’t yet witnessed a prototype of any waterproof smartphone from sony, but it can easily be presumed that, that news is not going to take long.