Amazing New IOS 8

Apple has made the headlines with its new iPhone6 and iPhone6 Plus. Clearly Tim Cook has a lot in mind regarding the Apple Inc. and so he also introduced the world to his top class iWatch. To match up with all these latest release New IOS8 is also being launched to provide efficient functionality and a different taste. IOS8 promises many new and enticing features that will let you customize your iProduct according to your requirement. Apple did not spend a lot of time during its iPhone 6 event reminding the audience what iOS 8 will have to offer, as it had to hurry through iOS features in order to get to the more important announcements scheduled for the keynote, so the company did not specifically address or demo this particular Handoff functionality for the iPhone 6.


One of the awesome features of the IOS8 is the ability to send last location to Apple before the phone runs out of battery. It is particularly useful in case of a theft or losing your iPhone.  iCloud presently holds this information for 24 hours, but this new setting will allow Apple to access location information for a lost device for a longer period of time. ‘Find My iPhone’ allows you to locate, lock or erase your iphone and prevents it from being reactivated without password authentication. Another cool feature lets you search for music by identifying the audio being played. Siri now includes Shazam integration. If you ask Siri, “What song is playing?”, it will cause her to listen to the ambient sound, using Shazam to identify music. IOS8 will also make shopping easy and fun.  In iOS 8’s web browser Safari, you can utilize the camera to scan in credit card numbers when making online purchases, rather than manually entering your credit card number each time.

With IOS8 you will no longer need to clutter your disk space by installing separate apps to hide your personal images.  Images and videos in the Photos app can now be hidden from the Moments, Collections, and Years view in the Photos app. Holding your finger on a photo will bring up an options menu and selecting “Hide” will keep it from being visible in those sections. And the most amazing of all IOS8 allows you to place phone calls over devices over a Wi-Fi connection. It is of utmost importance in cases where carrier signals is low. IOS8 will also help you to know which app is eating up all the power to enable you to customize your battery usage. In iOS 8 beta 4, the Talk-to-Type option on the keyboard used in apps like Messages and Notes began displaying spoken text in real time rather than waiting for an entire spoken line to be completed before displaying text.  It’s now possible to select a length of time when pausing iCloud Photo Library in the iCloud section of the Settings app.

IOS8 has also worked on utilizing the camera to new limits. The Camera app has gained a new Time-Lapse mode, which captures a series of images and then compiles them into a time-lapse video. It also takes care of accidentally deleted images.  In the camera app, when the small preview icon at the bottom of the screen is tapped, it opens up a view that allows previously deleted photos to be recovered. The new Apple IOS8 is a complete surprise package. The list of new features just goes on and on.

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