Blue’s Mo-Fi Headphones With In-Built Amplifier

Music is every techie’s second craze ( beside gadgets of course ). And honestly who doesn’t like to play a bit of hop or jazz alongside the work you are doing. It does a great job in elevating your spirits and your mood. With time, even the gadgets used for storing and playing music have evolved. From heavy jukeboxes to sound- boosters, then came the radio sets with audio players. It became more compact since the Walkman hit the market and list goes on and on with pocket mp3 players and ipods. Even the sound receptive pieces have changed their forms from large bulky speakers to sound absoluting earphones and headphones. One name has always shined through the ages in this field, Blue Microphones, it designs and produces microphones, recording tools, signal processors, and music accessories for audio professionals, musicians and consumers and has recently come up with headphones that have a built-in amp for better mobile audio. Blue has entitled it Mo-Fi Headphones.


The idea behind these new headphones is quite simple owing to the fact how brilliant it is, to bring the kind of high-fidelity audio you’d get from a home sound system to other, more portable devices. Now we will be able to carry our own surround-sound system on our necks. Part of the reason high-end home audio setups are able to kick out superb-quality sound is due to their large amplifiers. The problem, as it were, with the devices most people listen to music on is that their amplifiers are tiny chips, not sizable pieces of dedicated hardware. The more power you want from these chips, the more distorted the output becomes, which affects the clarity and definition of what you ultimately hear. Thus, in an effort to improve the listening experience for smartphone, tablet and computer users, Blue’s Mo-Fi headphones feature a built-in, custom-made amplifier. This means the source device has to do hardly any of the amplification work, making for a much higher-quality output when the dedicated headphone amp has done its magic.


Blue has a ton of experience in audio processing, too, with microphones like the Nessie and Spark Digital, and is able to enhance recordings automatically (no software required). It only makes sense, then, to leverage this expertise and attempt to create some great-sounding headphones. With an integrated amp, Blue’s trying to do something a little different with its Mo-Fi headphones, and they certainly look unorthodox, too. The elaborate, multi-hinged headband, which would usually be just one flexible semi-circular piece, keeps the earcups vertical and always parallel to one another, regardless of how wide you open them. This means no matter the size of the head wearing them, pressure is distributed uniformly over the entire earcup. Speaking of such complex structure we can easily estimate the fact that they are not going to be so easy on the pockets. Blue’s Mo-Fi cans are available in the US today for $350, and will be coming to the UK soon for £275. Hush! So much for good music!