AliveCor: Heart Monitor In Your Smartphone

Humans have spanned centuries with their technological progress. From the era of the wheel to the era of the steel. One aspect has been constant: technological advancement. And this is the age of smart technology as we call it. May it be smartphones, smart home automation or robots!  We want compact and multi-tasking gadgets. One to serve all purposes. Less to carry around and more aims to meet. Take the example of the phones we own today, making a call and sending a message are the least of all the functions it can do. It can now edit photographs, play high definition games, provide you internet and connect to social networks. When it is providing us so much, then why not health? Search the app store and you will find numerous apps regarding health: diet charts, BMI calculators and exercise tips. In addition to all these it will also be able to provide health monitoring now.

AliveCor Devices

Health monitoring via mobile technology is the latest trend to have taken today’s digital world by storm. The AliveCor converts electrical impulses from user’s fingertips into ultrasound signals that are transmitted to the mobile device’s microphone to help users monitor their heart rates. One of the early pioneers of this industry, Dr. David Albert, founded AliveCor and a number of other companies. AliveCor is a US based company and has developed a portable heart monitor and app. This app can record the behavior of someone’s heart to help prevent further health problems. The US Food and Drug Adminstration (FDA) has approved AliveCor’s heart monitor and heart monitoring mobile application, along with the company’s technology that detects atrial fibrillation which is said to be the most common form of cardiac arrhythmia or in layman’s language a cardiac arrest.


Costing $199, the AliveCor heart monitor is designed to fit on most mobile phones, include the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. The heart monitors can be held in your hand or across your chest, so that your ECG reading is recorded by the built in algorithm. This proprietary technology obtains picks up electrical impulses from the users’ fingertips and converts these to ultrasound signals, which are transmitted to your mobile phone’s microphone, and are recorded by the AliveECG app. AliveCor heart monitor is made for patients with heart conditions, healthcare professionals, and can be purchased online at the official website of the company. The heart monitor works in sync with almost all major Android smartphones and iPhone variants. With such developments at hand there will come a day, when there will be no need to go to labs to submit your samples or take health tests. Your smartphone will do it all for you.

With secure data storage in the cloud, users can access their ECG data confidentially anytime, anywhere, grant access to their physicians, print PDFs and email it to caregivers and health professionals. It not only provides health care and tests but also helps one by enlightening about the terms he is dealing with. The AliveECG app includes personalized heart rate statistics and key heart facts. In addition, detailed diagrams of cardiac anatomy and a breakdown of the ECG waveform ensures that users have access to heart education.