How To Improve Post Reach on Facebook

Before Few years, to be a successful online business, there was the best choice and it was Facebook.

Because Facebook has billions of active users and it was very easy to promote our services and products to the people. But as we all know human is meant to be hard work in order to achieve success.

And now, in the case of Facebook, the above sentence become true.

Facebook reduced the reach of the posts and status updates. So whenever you post or share anything on Facebook, your post will be served to the limited people (we can say very limited people).

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It doesn’t matter how many friends you have or how many followers you have on your page, your post will only show to the most engaged page followers or your friends. It has become a headache for many online businesses and celebrities because they work hard to get followers and some users are choosing to buy Facebook followers but their posts are still not serving their followers.

In this article, I’ll tell you why our post reaches fewer people and how to increase the number in post reach to get more Facebook likes, comments, and shares.

Why low reach?

Before complaining about them, It is important to understand why Facebook serves our posts to fewer people. I researched on this topic and found mainly three reasons behind this (Some of the information is official and some of from our experience) And the reasons are:

1. Generate earning
2. Better newsfeed experience
3. Stop spammers

Facebook is also a business, they have a large number of employers and to be a successful business, it is important to earn more. That is the first reason facebook reduces posts to reach so that people will use their advertising program to get good reach.

The second reason is to make a ‘better newsfeed’. I personally believe this is reasonable. When you see your newsfeed from a user’s point of view, you like to see posts of your best friends, favorite celebrities, and favorite brand. And if you have so many friends, liked so many pages, or followed many people, then it is not possible to show all of their posts because so many images and posts take so much time to load into the browser. To overcome this problem, Facebook created a newsfeed algorithm that shows only the most relevant posts to the user.

The third reason is to stop the spammers. Facebook is an open place to share anything and a fine place for spammers to do their dirty work. But now, Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm is smart enough to indicate spam.

How does the newsfeed algorithm work?

As I mentioned earlier, Facebook has its newsfeed algorithm which shows only the most relevant posts in users’ newsfeeds. Now the question is, how Facebook knows what we want to see and what we do not?

Actually, Facebook keeps track of what you like, what you share, where you comment, to whom you reply and according to this, the posts appear in your newsfeed.

For example:

If you like any post from technotification page by visiting our page, it indicates you are looking for our posts, so Facebook will start showing a few more posts in your newsfeed. And if you ignore those posts, it will indicate you are no longer interested to see our posts and it will stop showing our posts. This is also true for sharing and commenting.

The second thing to consider is post format. If you are posting only text posts then you will get good reach but fewer likes because people ignore it or many images do not let them see it. If you are posting links so much then your post will reach very fewer followers because Facebook does not want you to leave their website for a long time.

Images are a good choice if you want to increase post reach because interesting images go viral and event-based post images too.
But many people still follow the idea of sharing memes to increase post reach which is strictly not allowed on Facebook and it will cause bad results in post reach.

How To Get Good Post Reach?

I have many big pages, I do experiments and finally, I am now getting good results because of some strategy and efforts.
You should have to take care of them and follow this strategy to keep your page active.
1. Post Must be related to the page.
2. Avoid posting so many links
3. Involve the audience by asking questions.
4. Reply to their comments
5. Reply to their messages.
6. Share images more
7. Post only 4-5 posts Daily.
8. Analyze page insight and find out the best time for sharing.
9. Analyze page insight and find out what kind of post your fans mostly like.
10. Share quality posts
11. Ask the audience for improvement on the page.
12. Don’t use ‘Please like’ ‘Please share’ ‘Must comment’ in the post.
13. Analyze other pages which are getting good reach and likes and try to learn their strategy.
You may ask now: What’s new in that.? everyone tells this.
Yeah everyone tells it but nobody does it because of a lack of patience.
Just be positive, apply it to your page and you will see improvement in your page within a few days.
I have used their advertising program to see how well it works. but I was totally disappointed. so if someone says paying Facebook will help you to get good results, Do not believe it.