Gesture Cube – No need to touch – just give it a wave

The pace of technological advancement is increasing by leaps and bounds. Robots are starting to enter the household, folding screens have touched the market. There is absolutely nothing that can be termed impossible at this moment. The entire world is becoming more hi-tech and appears more futuristic every passing year. The touch screen have become tougher yet more sensitive but is that it? Are we going to stop at touch screens! I think not. The latest trend is gesture control. The day will come when voice automation and gesture control will take on to the world and for a start it is being introduced by the Gesture Cube with the touchless screen.

The way in which we interface with our mobile devices is one area set for radical change. Gesture input is still in its infancy, but the recent arrival of motion controlled gaming will quickly spread to the realization of concepts like the Gesture cube, which will soon see us waving our arms about to browse photos, change the radio station, read messages and check the weather.

Gesture Cube

IDENT’s GestIC technology is a gesture-based interface system and is applied in a cube that allows you to turn, twist, and pinch your data in 3 dimensional context. Each side of the cube will have different functions and you can access messages and the web just by slipping and sliding on the surface. It also looks quite striking and the interface is great if you’re into high-tech Minority Report stuff.

Gesture Cube uses 3D spatial movement tracking to help transform navigating a device into a magical intuitive experience. Using natural gestures to control our electronics helps to draw them closer to our natural behavior, making things easier and more fun. The result is an intelligent product concept with unlimited possibilities for enhancing daily life with effortless interaction. The Gesture Cube´s design is simple yet so beautiful it doubles as a sculptural icon in your living space. GestIC® electric field sensing technology makes 3D spatial hand or finger movement tracking possible. GestIC® detects movements and distances in 3D space and provides the technical backbone for Gesture Cube´s 3D user interface. GestIC® enables touchfree three-dimensional gesture control on 2D screens from mobile phones, tablet PCs, picture frames and MP3 players all the way to 3D devices like Gesture Cube.

Gesture Cube is a joint development by three partnering companies: Microchip Technology has delivered the spectacular touch-free GestIC® technology used in Gesture Cube. ZINOSIGN® designed Gesture Cube’s user interface and website and LUNAR Europe created the overall product design. For now, the idea is the concept stage. But with the interest in gesture recognition, it’s to see that this idea could find a way into real world devices soon. Gesture Cube user human conductivity to make gesture interaction possible. The conductive nature of human body interferes in the Cube’s electric field. Four sensors within a device track the coordinates of the object disrupting the electric field, determining differences between single digits and full hands, and transmits the information to the electronics for appropriate, pre-programmed action. While the idea of this concept is quite alluring, its accuracy will ever be doubtful till the device is not launched in the market.