Apple’s Conceptual Black Hole Phone

As the centuries have passed mankind has gone through remarkable evolution and has brought along in his wake a great technological advancement. From the bulky boxes that we once called phones we moved on to more compact yet difficult to carry and with limited functionality phones. Then came the era of touchscreens that we are currently witnessing. And future holds are wildest dreams, endless possibilities to where the technology can take us. From the deepest oceans to the highest skies. Though the touchscreens have quite lived up to the expectations, there was a time quite recent in past when this was just an ideation on a piece of paper. And so is the hologram technology right now. It seems that touchscreen though proved to be quite adept cannot satisfy the hunger of man to be hi-tech. Next in store for the coming generations is the hologram technology which the mighty Apple Incorporation has put forward in its new design the Black Hole Phone.

Keeping up with the tradition, Apple is well known for designing innovative and creative products that make Apple Inc. the master of technology. And the company is coming back with a bang now! Circulating news tells us that these days Apple is working on a new project: 3D display phone which will utilize the holographic images technology; scheduled not to be released until the year 2020, this new device is called the Apple Black Hole.

The Apple Black Hole comprises 4 components: the charging base, the Prism, the Black Hole and the giftbox. Things get interesting when you try to use the handset… its central ball will levitate when you open your hand and all functions will be controlled in mid-air, with the aid of holographic technology. The Black Hole concept phone can be connected to the charging base and used as a desktop device, still projecting the needed interface. The idea seems quite far-fetched but we don’t know what the future can bring to us. This level of technological integration is impressive, and so is the fact that the Black Hole Concept Phone is in development. A 2020 launch date seems plausible. Let’s just hope that Apple doesn’t give up on this concept.

This new phone from Apple lab is designed using 3D Holography Technology. It has an elusive holographic screen. This technology is also used by Samsung and we can soon expect a similar phone from the company. Developers are looking for new ways to provide rich interactive display in 3D. This virtual technology of 3-D display with holographic images was designed by Josselin Zaigouche, a French designer.

He is the man behind the Black Hole mobile phone from Apple. For now we do not know much about the device however this is definitely the kind of concept product that will excite tech-obsessed phone users but will take years to develop properly. This level of technological integration is impressive and we cannot expect it to be entirely reliable and bug-free as soon as it hits the market. But all the way, keep your fingers close, for such a device will definitely blow you out of your mind.

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