Smart 3D glasses that let you watch different scenes of same movie

Imagine watching a movie with a friend on the same screen where you have the villain’s perspective and they have the hero’s point of view!

A Canada-based company has designed smart 3D glasses that can enable the user to select from multiple versions of an image stream on the same screen.

The glasses named ‘Invisivision’ is a simple yet effective pair of eyewear that use specific passive filters to separate and isolate multiple image streams being broadcast to the viewer on a single display.

Using the glasses a user can know how their favorite scene would look from another perspective.

The users can also choose which vantage point to observe the scene from; the hero, or the villain.

The glasses can also help users to hide or uncover invisible elements throughout the film. For instance, in case a user doesn’t want subtitles or wants a different language choice, they can just flip the lens.

“When viewing content with Invisivision, the user simply moves the additional lenses in front to reveal hidden content. Moving the additional lenses back restores the original content,” the company wrote on the product’s Kickstarter page.

According to the Ontario-based firm PipeDream Interactive, Invisivision is an extremely affordable and effective tool that employs existing display technology to deliver a new form of entertainment and audience interaction.

The company is currently seeking funding for its design on the crowd-funding site Kickstarter.