Now you can remove your personal search results from google

The European court has spoken: we have a “right to be forgotten”, and Google must now allow us to have our information taken off search results.

Google has now made a web form that people can use to submit requests for links to be taken down. It will then assess each individual request with an aim to “balance the privacy rights of the individual” before making a decision.

This web form is now available click here

Remove personal result from google
This is how the web form looks (you have to fill this form to remove your personal search result )


You’ll need to convince Google that the search result in question is “inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant, or excessive in relation to the purposes for which [it was] processed,” and provide a photo ID.

If your submission is accepted, Google will then remove that link from its searches, however it hasn’t confirmed how long that process will take. But it seems Google’s not too happy about the decision made by the courts.

Executive chairman Eric Schmidt said, “You have a collision between a ‘right to be forgotten’ and a right to know.

“From Google’s perspective, that’s a balance. Google believes, looking at the decision, which is binding, that the balance struck was wrong.”

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