How to improve productivity using free software tools

Reach new heights of productively using your time with these apps, tips and services.                                           

Too many distractions can bring down your productivity, but so can boredom, a whole pile of brainless and repetitive tasks and so on and so forth. Here we’ve compiled a list of apps and Chrome extensions that can help streamline your work as well as take care of those “pesky” distractions.

Managing desktops

Anyone who has used an OS like Ubuntu or OS X will be familiar with the concept of a virtual desktop and how convenient it can be. Windows users need not fret however. Download mdesktop from
mdesktop is a tiny little app that, once installed, will allow you to manage up to 10 desktops at a time.

                                                           mDesktop setting

By default you will be given 4 virtual desktops to work in and you can switch between them using the ALT+(number) keys; very handy and perfect for managing your work (or ensuring a quick and easy escape route in case your boss happens to come around).

Chrome plug-ins
Google Chrome is now the most popular browser in the world and chances are, most of your work revolves around using this browser and many of Googe’s myriad services.

This is a free app that is available on iOS, Android and as a plug-in to Chrome. All you need to do is download it and set it up and it will sync tasks across all your devices. It can sync with Gmail, remind you to call someone back, send a mail and much more.
The app will add a bar below your mail (with options for setting reminders) and a “remind me” button near the header to allow you to manage your mail. This is a must-have app/extension for the scatter-brained among us.


Quotes Book

Running out of quotes for that epic speech you’re preparing? This is the app for you. This Chrome App is nothing more than a veritable quotencyclopedia; allowing you to search and pick the ideal quote. Download the app at


Available at , split screen does exactly what the name suggests. It creates a new chrome tab that will let you browse two different sites at once.
If 40 open tabs weren’t enough, you can now literally double the number of sites you view simultaneously. Just imagine a boring spreadsheet on one page, YouTube on the other. Work and play at the same time, what more could you ask for?