Breakfree : an app that will help you to stop smartphone addiction

Are you always hooked to your smart phone, much to the annoyance of your parents, teachers and peers?

To their delight, here comes an app that promises to cut down your smart phone usage.
The app, called BreakFree, will exactly tell how much time you spend on your phone.
Breakfree app will not only answer that but also help smart phone addicts learn how to live a “healthy digital lifestyle”.
Breakfree app
The new app will also help users measure which apps they use the most.
Currently available only for Android phones, the new app operates in the background of a phone – reading the usage pattern before it calculates a real-time “addiction score”.
The app will alert you when you make too many phone calls or have been using too much of a particular app.
Breakfree app

“With these notifications you know it’s time to slow down,” said a report available on BreakFree website.