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DNS Hacks to increase your browsing speed


There is perhaps nothing more painful than having a slow internet connection in the modern world and it is even more painful if you have good bandwidth but it does not capitalise the full potential of the bandwidth.

One good way to make your browsing experience faster and more reliable is by hacking the Domain Name System (DNS) system.

The routers and internet servers do not understand the web address that you write in your browser, such as The website’s address is converted into a string of numbers which is called IP address, such as DNS server is the one which transforms a web address into an IP address.

If your ISP’s connection with the DNS server is slow then it does not matter how big your bandwidth is since the full potential cannot be utilised as the DNS lookup will be slow. Three ways are suggested in the following text to hack the DNS lookup process to make it faster by not using your ISP’s DNS server.

DNS Hacks to increase your browsing speed

OpenDNS’s Premium DNS service OpenDNS is the one that is preferred by many, more than 50 million, and it is our favourite too. It has 21 global data centres which are strategically located so that when a DNS request is made the closest DNS server resolves it.

Thus, making the process faster as company describes it in the following words: “Unlike other providers, OpenDNS’s network uses sophisticated Anycast routing technology, which means no matter where you are in the world, your DNS requests are answered by the datacenter closest to you.”

It is more reliable and secure than the ISP’sDNS server as well. On top of that, it is very flexible and provides many additional features. When you signup then you will provide with a guided manual about the service.

Google Public DNS Google has a vast knowledge base about DNS because of their search technology which requires crawling the web faster to answer search queries faster. Thus, they also have a very good, free and reliable DNS service. You can get more information instructions here.

Namebench namebench is very different from OpenDNS or Google Public DNS in the sense that it is a free software which you download and install on your device and then run it to find the best DNS system for you. It does not resolves the DNS itself but compares different DNS systems, such as OpenDNS or Google Public DNS or your ISP’s DNS.

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