14 Interesting Facebook Tricks You must Know

Everyone knows Facebook, but not everyone knows Facebook very well. You could spend your days on the world’s biggest social network liking and sharing, or you could learn a few tricks that will bring you closer to being a power user.
These 14 Facebook tricks will help you take charge of your Facebook activity, as well as earn you some savvy credit-points with other Facebook users. Use them wisely! If you have Facebook secrets of your own to share – do tell and leave us a comment!

1. Create & Manage Friends’ Lists

Create & Manage Friends’ Lists

Organize your friends in lists and control who can view what’s on your profile. Go to Facebook Lists Page and see the default lists prepared for you. Click on “Create List” to make your own.

2. Schedule Posts

Schedule Posts

Want to make sure your posts go live even when you’re offline? Use Facebook’s scheduling tool and set a publishing time for your posts. Click on the clock icon in the status line field and take it from there.

3. Create a Secret Group

Create a Secret Group

Make your own private space on Facebook and invite only people that you want! Go to Facebook Groups Page and click “Create Group”, then choose the “Secret” option.

4. Download Entire Photo Albums

Download Entire Photo Albums

Want to make sure your Facebook photos are safe? Save them to your computer! Use Pick’n’Zip to log in with your Facebook account and choose the albums you’d like to download.

5. Choose Who Can See You on Facebook’s Online Chat

Who can see you on Facebook chat

No need to apologize. We all have some people on our files that we don’t always feel like talking to. All you have to do is the click the ‘Settings’ icon at the bottom of the chat section, go to “Advanced Settings” and make your choice.

6. Post Upside-Down Texts

Write upside down Facebook posts

Drive your pals a little nuts with FlipText, a fun Facebook trick that automatically turns everything you write upside down. Just a simple copy/paste and your post is flipping.

7. Language/Geo-Target Fan Page Posts

Did you know you can make your posts visible only to people in your city? Or only to people in a certain country who speak a certain language? When you write a post, change the “Public” status according to your wishes and target your specific group of interest.

8. Edit Your Published Comments

Edit Your Published Comments

Typos? Misunderstandings? Freudian slips? Thankfully, Facebook lets users edit their comments quite easily. All you need to do is roll over the comment, click on the pencil icon and edit away!

9. Have Some Laughs with Pirate English

Pirate English

Normal languages aren’t nearly as fun as pirate talk! You can change the entire Facebook terminology to pirate English by going to your Account Settings and changing the language choice. Forget about Likes, they’re called “Arrr, This be pleasin’ to me eye” now.

10. Discover Messages that Facebook Hides

Find hidden messages

Not many people know that Facebook messages get split into two folders: Messages and Other. If you haven’t looked into the Other folder before, you probably missed some messages you didn’t want to miss.

11. Turning Off Notifications from Apps, Users, Etc.

Have too much spam coming in from an event, a group or a page? You can shut notifications off by clicking on the notifications icon (the globe), rolling over the nuisance with your mouse and clicking X to delete. Faceboook will then ask you if you want to turn off notifications from that user permanently.

12. Customize Your “Posted Via” Line

Customize Your “Posted Via” Line

Another fun trick you can do to spice up your Facebook posts is to add a customized “Posted Via” line with this awesome Facebook tool. You can publish your posts from Air Force One, from a banana phone or via Jedi mind control, to name just a few.

13. Delete Your Facebook Account

If the day comes when you decide to leave the blue planet and go out into the real world, this link will be the red pill that takes you there. Hope you enjoyed the ride.

14. Change Facebook theme and color

You can also change the facebook theme and colours according to your choice. This is very simple and easy to do. Read this article Change Facebook Theme.

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