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Cybersecurity: Why it is a future?

Cybersecurity has been a main pillar in the technological field for several years mainly when we talk about devices that allow us the interconnection between

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Most Dangerous Hackers Of All Time

Hackers conjure images of infamous criminals who break into computer systems for nefarious purposes. Of course, not every hacker has bad intentions. “White-hat-hackers” are the

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How often Should One Change Its Password?

This month of October is dedicated to bringing attention to the issue of cyber security. Cybersecurity month encourages everyone to review their internet security measures

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Debunking Some Biggest Myths About Hacking

Hackers in Hollywood blockbusters are often portrayed as lonesome predators who spend their days in a dark room eating pizza and being nasty. The act

How To Make Remote Access Secure?

Nowadays, remote access is a need for every serious corporate operation. By connecting to a computer remotely, you may handle pressing work, train a new


Passwordless Future is Here

Don’t like dealing with a lot of usernames and passwords? The best part is that passwordless access to the internet is now a reality. You

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Bots And Cyber Security

Due to their connection with Bots and computer security, several well-known firms nowadays are bidding farewell to your private information. Numerous more, small parties have

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Reasons Behind Identity Theft?

What are some of the most prevalent reasons people commit online crimes like identity theft? In the United States and across the globe, cybercrime is

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Why We Still Get Cheated by Online Frauds

When several Floridian drivers attempted to settle a traffic citation for a minor infraction a couple of months before they were sent to an internet

Network Attacks

How Can Companies Avoid Network Attacks?

What measures can companies take to guard against data breaches? Is this something IT administrators are grappling with as the frequency of cyber threats keeps


Is Your Phone Vulnerable to Malware?

You hear about computer viruses all the time, but maybe you haven’t heard that much about smartphone viruses yet. That’s going to change because they’re