Blockchain DDoS

Is Blockchain a DDoS Defense?

Blockchain: DDoS assaults have increased dramatically in frequency and severity over the past year. For example, according to a report released by the US technology

Software Piracy

What is Software Piracy?

To commit software piracy, you must first get permission from the software’s owner before using, copying, or distributing it in any way. As a result,

Crypto Malware

What is a Crypto Malware?

A kind of malware known as crypto-malware allows threat actors to mine cryptocurrency on the computers or servers of others. Since 2017, it’s grown in

Twofish Encryption

What is Twofish Encryption?

Twofish encryption is 128-bit block encryption with a key up to 256 bits long (or an encryption method in layman’s terms). To make things simpler,