Style Like Your Favorite Cartoon Character with These Fun Glasses Ideas

Don’t you just love cartoons? The animation and unique design of every character out there just really stick with a person. There are many cartoons that portray a wide variety of women wearing glasses. Checking out these cartoons and deciding just who you can relate to might be a great way to choose a pair of glasses for your style.

Whether you’re looking for high fashion, cartoon inspiration, or having fun choosing your next pair of glasses, we’ve got you covered! In this guide, we will share some fun and exciting female cartoon characters sporting glasses to help give you some inspiration and ideas for your next pair. Check it out below.

Mirabel Madrigal

One of Disney’s more recent cartoons is Encanto, a story about family and heritage. Mirabel is the main character of the show, and her glasses are part of who she is. Her glasses are lime green, and you can find some interesting stories about why this was the color chosen for her character.

The glasses are a simple round lens with thin frames, but it’s the lime green color that really stands out to most people here. It’s the perfect pop of color.

Sam Sparks

Sam Sparks from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is just a girl trying to fit in. We find in her character that she initially hides from needing glasses because of the stereotype associated with glasses. But in the end, she embraces it as part of who she is, and her glasses make a great statement!

You can mimic Sam Sparks with large, square full rim glasses, or you can use the inspiration to just be your own person and choose your style, much like Sam did in the movie. Be who you are and wear your glasses with a smile.

Velma Dinkley

The infamous Velma from Scooby Doo was always known for her glasses. More often than not, she was losing her glasses at a terrible time, and it made her vulnerable. However, this character is so known for those glasses. And the style that she is paired with is a popular choice that works for anyone.

Velma’s glasses use a thick black frame that is square in shape. If you have a round or heart-shaped face, this style will look great on you. Velma was a king and an intelligent person, and this is the perfect character to represent!

Edna Mode

If you’re a fan of The Incredibles, there is no better character than Edna. And if Edna chose a pair of glasses, you know that they are well worth checking out. After all, Edna was all about style and innovation. She absolutely knows her stuff. When you think of Edna, you think of creative skills paired with just the right balance of knowledge and usefulness.

Her glasses are round glasses with a chic black frame around them. It is all about design elements, but you know that Edna has a purpose for every design she creates.

Honey Lemon

Do you remember Big Hero 6?  This heroic story brings together unique characters that create the perfect band of heroes, all with the help of the robot, Baymax. Honey Lemon is just one of those individuals. She has a happy, bubbly, and positive personality. She isn’t afraid to be herself and is incredibly smart too.

Her character stands out for her brains and her style. Her glasses in the show have a pretty pink color with a square, almost cat-eye frame. They frame her face and add a unique flair to her looks at the same time.

Margo Gru

Margo is a fierce, lovable kid from the Despicable Me series who was willing to take charge. She is sophisticated and fun, with just the right amount of nerdy appeal. Her glasses style is perfect for anyone who wants that chic and stylish look, especially a teen or pre-teen. Her frames are simple and stylish all at one time.

She uses a classy rectangle frame with simple black edging around them. They are perfect on her round face and a great option to consider if you like her style.

Laurel Lightfoot

In a more recent movie, Onward, Laurel Lightfoot is a mom with a purpose. She is all about taking care of their kids who lost their dad in prior years. In her style, we see stylish glasses and complementary clothing styles meshed together. She is rocking the mom life with sleek and elegant trendy apparel.

Her glasses have a bit of a cat eye to them, with just the right amount of a wing to mix perfectly with her pixie haircut and elvish ears.


Roz makes a true statement in Monsters Inc with her pointy cat-eyed glasses that really define her character. Here, we see what seems like a grumpy old lady, but she adds just a touch of style to her character. She even has the glasses chain to go with it!

Final Thoughts

You can find tons of cartoon characters through the years who sport fun and unique glasses. These are just a few places you can find inspiration, but there are plenty more out there to look at. Whether you want something chic and stylish or you really want to make a statement, find a style from these characters that calls your name.