Making a Video Louder: 4 Easy Ways

Videos, by definition, are supposed to be watched. But the experience may be incomplete without listening as well. In fact, a ruined soundscape can be a major turnoff. This can happen because of a great variety of reasons – poorly calibrated mic, recording software malfunction, improper system audio settings, and whatnot. However, the lack of loudness can be easily mitigated most of the time. So, you’re already wondering how to increase the volume of a video. Then let’s take a look at some ways you can fix this problem, one for each major platform – PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.

For Mac – iMovie

iMovie is a video editor developed by Apple and included in the software package for almost every macOS device. For a free vendor-supplied app, iMovie is quite functional and held in high regard by many users, including professionals. Here’s how to increase the volume of a video with it:

  1. Open the video. Import your video into the program and drag it to the timeline.
  2. Increase the volume. Go to the audio track under your video. You will see a horizontal line crossing it. Drag this line up to increase the volume.
  3. Save the edited clip. Once everything sounds as intended, export your work or share it on the Internet right away.

For Windows – Clipify

Clipify is designed for a general audience, and it is packed with a wealth of tools to satisfy any video editing need. It includes a lot of features for streamlined production, such as templates, filters, automatic enhancement, and so on. Professionals can enjoy tools like curves and chroma-key. Here’s how to make a video louder with Clipify:

  1. Import a video. Create a New Project and click Add Videos and Photos to find the video via the file browser, or drag it to the timeline from anywhere.
  2. Make it louder. Click on the video on the timeline, then click the Edit button. Navigate to the General tab and push the Volume slider to the right.
  3. Even out the volume. To make certain parts quieter or louder, right-click on the video track and select Add Audio Point from the drop-down menu. Move the points up over the quiet part, and down over too loud parts.
  4. Export your work. Click the Create Video button, select an output format, adjust the export parameters, and save your work.

For Android – Video Volume Booster

Video Volume Booster is an Android app that will help make any video on your phone louder. Working with it is as simple as moving a single slider. However, this app has a major downside – a 30 seconds video length limitation for the free version. Although this should be enough for short stories and reels. Let’s see how to boost the volume with this app:

  1. Get the app. Download the app from Google Play and start it when the installation is over.
  2. Open your video. Tap the Folder icon, then pick the video you want to edit.
  3. Make it louder. A slider will pop up. Move it right to increase the volume, then tap Apply.
  4. Save the clip. Save and share the louder clip with your friends.

For iOS – AudioFix

iPhone users can try AudioFix: For Videos + Volume. This is an easy-to-use tool that will increase the volume of a video, along with applying audio effects – noise reduction, artistic filters, and more. Plus, the edited file can be shared right away. Here’s how to increase the volume with AudioFix:

  1. Install the app. Download AudioFix from the App Store and open it once it is ready.
  2. Open the video. Upload the clip you want to edit from the device gallery.
  3. Turn the volume up. Move the slide to the bottom part of the screen to increase the volume. You can also apply an effect if you fancy.
  4. Export the result. Save the new file in the gallery or share it right away.

And that concludes our list. These are but one option for each platform. It should be enough for some to find a proper tool for the job. But if you are willing to look further, check out this guide on how to increase the volume of videos with even more useful software. Whatever your choice is, we hope you have found what you have been looking for and are ready to achieve your goal!