How To Watch The Breeders’ Cup Classic Outside the USA

It is that time of the year when we prepare for another jewel of a race in the horse racing world, the Breeders Cup Classic. This is without a doubt one of the most popular horse races in the world, and with the prize purse of $31 million scattered across all races, it is also one of the richest horse races in the world.

The Breeders Cup Classic is considered the most prestigious race after the Triple Crown races and it is often an addition to the three races we have at the beginning of the summer. This is why there are plenty of competitors trying to enter these races, and the popularity of this event is massive.

However, when it comes to either browsing the latest odds for the Breeders’ Cup or simply watching the event outside the USA, you might run into a problem.

This is why in today’s article we will highlight all the ways you can watch the Breeders Cup Classic outside the US.

The Breeders Cup World Championship

The Breeders’ Cup is horse racing’s closing hurrah of the year. Horses from around the globe will compete in 14 races over two days, with the Breeders’ Cup Classic remaining out the weekend. Friday will see some of the maximum promising young horses run in five juvenile races. 

On Saturday, most of the richest horses, running shoes, and jockeys face off in nine championship races, along with the weekend’s marquee race, the $6 million Breeders’ Cup Classic.

Breeders Cup Classic Official Broadcast

The Breeders Cup Classic is scheduled for 4-5 November at will be held at Keeneland. The official channels that will broadcast the Breeders Cup Classic are NBC and NBCSN and it is scheduled for 8.40 pm ET / 5.40 pm PT on Saturday.

However, most people don’t have these channels on cable, especially if they are outside the US. But, fear not, as there are plenty of options for you to watch this ultimate race.

Check With Your Local Cable Company

Often NBC is selling the rights for the Breeders’ Cup Classic to many oversea companies allowing them to broadcast the race live on different channels. This means that the first and easiest option is to check with your local cable provider as most often some of the sports channels included will buy the rights for the Breeders Cup.

For example, the Breeders Cup Classic will also be available on Sky Sport for people living in the UK, and the Sky Go App.

Buy a Live TV Subscription

There are plenty of live TV streaming platforms that will allow you to get access to NBC where you can legally watch the ultimate race.

However, since we are talking about people outside of the US, in most cases, these video streaming platforms don’t allow users from foreign countries.

This is where a VPN comes in handy.

The plan is to purchase a VPN plan and change your IP location to the United States. That way you’ll be able to register at some of the video streaming platforms and grand access to channels like NBC or Sky Sports that bought the rights to broadcast the Breeders Cup Live.

Additionally, the race will be also broadcasted on their official website and app, as well as the official Breeders Cup YouTube channel. However, there are also geo restrictions there so, you’d need a VPN coming from outside the US in order to watch it.

To Sum up

So, if you are outside the US, you only have two options. First, check with your cable provider and see whether or not some of the local broadcasting companies bought the rights for the Breeders Cup, which is the easiest way to watch this extraordinary event.

However, if you cannot find a local official channel that will air the Breeders’ Cup, the best way to watch it is to buy a VPN service and change your geolocation to the United States. That way you can access it on online websites, or get an NBC subscription and watch it live on the main channel.