Do We Need Hackers?

Is there a need for hackers? Firstly, what is a hacker, and how do they earn this moniker? To put it simply, a hacker is someone who makes unauthorized attempts to gain admission into the private information of another person or organization. The term “Hacker” has a lot of connotations. The word “Hacker” may apply to a wide range of individuals who are exceptionally educated about computers, and it doesn’t always denote somebody who is aiming to pilfer trade secrets or breach a protected system. Security professionals generally distinguish between White Hats and Black Hats when characterizing digital thieves, while the term “Hacker” is often used by the general public to describe the latter.

Types of Hackers :

There may be additional categories of hackers that I haven’t heard of or written about, but I’m aware of three: Black Hat, White Hat, and the last but not the least, Red Hat hackers. Black and White Hat hackers are the only ones I’ll be discussing today.

1. Black Hat Hackers



In Hollywood, they are the evil people that hack into a system’s registry, transmit ransomware, spyware, and so on, in order to manipulate the system’s flaws and maybe decode it in order to collect cash. The term “Hacker” conjures up images of “Black Hat” cybercriminals. Their abilities and experience include those of a Pen Tester, a software engineer, or even a former White Hat hacker.

2. White Hat Hackers



A good hacker is someone who can defeat a bad hacker, and this is where White Hat Hackers come in. These are the men and women you’re looking for. As a result of their intimate familiarity with how systems function and their dedication to spending countless hours uncovering and mitigating flaws, I like to refer to these Penetration Testing Engineers as Charles Babbage and Alan Turing’s progeny. In exchange for finding and fixing computer security flaws, these professionals are compensated handsomely. In the hacker community, they’re regarded as ethical hackers.

Only a Hacker can stop a Hacker”

Now, Do We Need Hackers?

The harsh reality is that the majority of these individuals are Black Hat hackers, but the real kicker is that more White Hat hackers are emerging to assist battle the Black Hackers. It is true. We require White Hat Hackers who can stop the actions of Black Hat Hackers as well as evaluate a system’s susceptibility and patch it to prevent attackers from getting in. White Hat hackers, on the other hand, need to be highly compensated and well-protected. Is it any wonder that a number of Black Hat hackers were formerly White Hat hackers because they wanted the dosh?