Hackers allegedly stole data affecting millions of Acer customers in India

Acer India: Acer was recently the victim of a cyberattack that targeted the company’s after-sales support infrastructure in India, according to the company. Apparently, the hackers were successful in stealing data from the company’s computers, which included information on its clients and financial records. Additionally, the login credentials of Acer merchants and distributors in India were stolen.

A confirmation from the corporation has been made that the assault did happen, with the company stating that it was “an isolated attack” on its systems. Following the discovery of the assault, the company issued a statement to Bleeping Computers in which it stated that it immediately implemented security policies and did a comprehensive scan of its systems. The incident was also reported to local law enforcement and the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team, according to the business.

Acer promises that the assault has had “no substantial impact” on its business operations, according to the company’s press release. It claims to have informed the possibly impacted consumers of the assault, but it does not provide any more information regarding the attack, including the identities of the hackers.

In contrast, the threat actor that carried out the cyber assault has already taken responsibility for it on a hacker site. According to a post on a forum on Wednesday, the assault was carried out by a hacker organization known as Desorden, which was able to acquire more than 60GB of data from Acer’s servers in India, according to the post.

As evidence of their plunder, the hackers also posted a video on the site, which depicts the data they had taken. The data contains the personal information of 10,000 consumers as well as the credentials of 3,000 Acer distributors and merchants in India that were compromised. According to the hackers, the stolen information pertains to millions of Acer customers in India. They did not disclose the vulnerability that they exploited in order to obtain the information.

This isn’t the first time this year that Acer has been the victim of a cyber assault on its server infrastructure. The firm was targeted by the REvil ransomware assault in March, during which the hackers were able to obtain financial spreadsheets, bank correspondence, and bank balances from the company. The hackers were able to obtain information from Acer’s network by exploiting a vulnerability in Microsoft Exchange.

After posting evidence of the stolen data on a hacker site, the attackers wanted a staggering $50 million in exchange for returning the data at the time of the theft. Acer never confirmed whether or not it had paid the ransom.