How to find the Fort Zancudo military base in GTA 5?

Grand Theft Auto 5 includes a well-fortified military camp that the player can infiltrate. However, doing so will almost certainly result in a big shootout and death. However, players who know how to properly enter Fort Zancudo may be able to take a tank or another military-grade vehicle to use anywhere in the game.

We’ve covered where to discover the military base in GTA 5, as well as the best tactics to break in to increase your chances of survival, below. Make sure you carry enough health and body armor, for the guards of Fort Zancudo are not to be trifled with.

Keep reading this article till the end to know how to find out the Fort Zancudo military base in GTA 5.

Where is the Fort Zancudo military base situated?

Fort Zancudo, the military base in GTA 5, is located near the bottom of Mount Josiah in Blaine County on the west coast of the world map. You’ve probably gone down Route 1 Highway and seen this goes beneath the base at some point. You will, however, be unable to enter the base this way.

How to get into the Fort Zancudo military base?

You can walk or drive to Fort Zancudo securely, but attempting to access the base will result in fatal force from the guards. You’ll also get a high wanted rating, which we don’t suggest. Even if you are fully equipped with formidable weaponry, you will be vastly outgunned.

Soldiers with assault rifles and Rhino tanks patrol the military installation, while P-996 LAZER fighter jets defend the skies. Even with fighter jets monitoring the skies, accessing the base by parachute remains the safest option.

If you loiter in the controlled airspace, the jets will knock you down, but they will ignore you after you escape and parachute down. Just don’t get detected by the military on your fall; they can murder you before you hit the ground – and you’ll be a sitting duck while still tied to your parachute. If you’re feeling bold, you can enter normally. As you exit the highway tunnel at Mount Chiliad, there are nicely positioned rock formations that can function as a ramp. When you accelerate, your car will fly over the barricades and into the military base. Still be ready for a brawl after you land, so grab a free tank and flee.


Have you already found and got into the Fort Zancudo military base in GTA 5? If not, follow the steps mentioned above and feel free to comment down any questions you might have.