What happened to Fortnite Party Royale?

Party Royale is a popular Fortnite game option that gives a great center to play mini-games and chill. Some gamers, however, are asking if Epic has removed Fortnite Party Royale or if it is still available. Continue reading this article until the end to find out the answer.

Fortnite now features a plethora of game types to keep things interesting, such as Party Royale. Since its debut in 2020, Party Royale has provided players with a welcome alternative to the competitive element of traditional battle royale and comparable modes. Since its inception, it has remained consistently popular.

What is Fortnite Party Royale mode?

Party Royale is a pacifist paradise created to inspire players to bond with one another, as opposed to Fortnite’s battle royale mode, which encourages you to take out others until you are the last person standing.

The setup is intended for players to socialize and watch in-game music performances together, physically paint the town red Splatoon style, and enjoy the game’s dynamics without fear of being eliminated.

Is Party Royale still available in Fortnite?

Party Royale is no longer playable in Fortnite as of April 21, 2022. “Party Royale has been disabled,” according to iFireMonkey and many other Fortnite news sites.

Epic Games has not issued an official statement explaining why this is the case, but gamers will be unable to participate in the game mode for the time being. Given the mode’s enormous popularity, we don’t expect this deletion to continue long, and it could simply be due to some necessary maintenance.


Even though Epic Games removed the Fortnite Party Royale mode, there are a lot of other modes you can play. Follow TechNotification to get all the Fortnite guides as soon as they get released.

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