How to play Fade in Valorant?

Fade, the bounty-hunting Turkish Initiator, is the nineteenth Agent in Valorant, and he possesses an armory of powers that may be exceedingly frightening for anyone caught on the receiving end. Fade, which was designed to compete with Sova’s recon abilities, can not only track down adversaries but also provides capabilities such as flash and the ability to lock down hostile Agents within a fixed radius.

However, mastering the bounty hunter in Riot Games’ signature FPS will be a difficult feat. So, here’s a summary of all her skills, as well as tips on how to make the most of her in the game. Do you want to know how to play Fade in Valorant? Here’s a comprehensive guide on her skills and how to use them effectively.

Fade abilities

  • Ability 1 – Prowler (250 Creds): After getting a Prowler the  Fire will launch the Prowler into the air, causing it to go in a straight line. The Prowler will hunt after any adversaries or traces in their frontal vision cone, nearsighted them if it gets close enough. Hold the Fire button to aim the Prowler toward your crosshair.
  • Ability 2 – Seize (200 Creds): Deploy a nightmare ink orb. Fire to launch the orb, which will fall to the ground after a predetermined length of time. When the ink hits the ground, it explodes, creating a zone in which adversaries caught in it cannot escape by normal methods.
  • Signature Ability – Haunt (Free): Equip a dreadful creature. Fire to launch the orb, which will fall to the ground after a predetermined length of time. When the sphere hits the ground, it transforms into a terrifying monster that reveals the position of foes caught in its line of sight. This creature can be destroyed by enemies. Re-apply the ability to drop the projectile early in the flight.
  • Ultimate Ability – Nightfall (7 Ult Points): Equip yourself with the power of fear. Fire emits a wave of terrifying energy that may pass through walls. The energy deafens and decays the opponent as well as leaving a trail behind it.

How to play Fade in Valorant?

Fade, as an Initiator who enjoys instilling dread in her enemies’ hearts, is designed to betray the enemy’s whereabouts with her skills so that her duelists can march in and get the initial frag. Aside from that, Fade’s Seize ability is a great way to lock down many foes in a set radius. The Turkish bounty hunter’s Prowler ability enables her to apply the near-sight debuff to her adversaries and then take them down while their eyesight is impaired.

As a result, when the situation calls for it, the Agent can use her tracking abilities to track down foes on her own. Furthermore, Fade’s Prowler and Seize skills allow her to flee dangerous situations without allowing her opponents to pursue her.


Now you know all the basics of Fade. Play with Fade in Valorant to master the agent. Also, let us know which ability is your favorite in the comment section below.