How to get Mythic Essence in League of Legends?

Riot Games has replaced League of Legends’ divisive Prestige Points and Gemstones with the all-new Mythic Essence and added the rotating Mythic Store. This article will go over how to obtain Mythic Essence in LoL.

Prestige Skins rotate monthly, giving players a second chance at some of the game’s most popular skins without the divisive grinding process and monetary cost. The coveted Mythic skins rotate every three months.

Riot Games’ League of Legends (LoL) is a multiplayer online battle arena video game. LoL is one of the most popular eSports titles in the world. The game is available on both Windows and MacOS.

Let’s check out how to get Mythic Essence in LoL:

What’s Mythic Essence?

In League of Legends, Mythic Essence is a new type of premium currency. Mythic Essence can be used to purchase new Mythic Skins, Hextech Skins from the past, or Prestige Skins, in place of the age-old Gemstones and Prestige Points. The available skins can be found by clicking the Mythic Essence icon in your ‘Loot.’ This then displays the Mythic Store.

Can you buy Mythic Essence?

You cannot purchase Mythic Essence in League of Legends. However, if you purchase an Event Pass during an event, you can receive 25 Mythic Essence as a drop for completing Milestone Missions. This method is not available to those on the free track, so while you aren’t simply buying Mythic Essence in bulk, you will need to use real-life money to obtain it.

How to get Mythic Essence in League of Legends?

You can earn Mythic Essence in the following ways:

  • Every Milestone Mission you complete during events will drop 25 Mythic Essence, which you must purchase with real money.
  • After level 150, you will receive 10 Mythic Essence for every 50 levels you gain.
  • There’s a 3.6 percent chance that Hextech Chests will drop 10 Mythic Essence.
  • The likelihood of getting 5 Mythic Essence from Masterwork Chests is 4.2 percent.

Note: Mythic Essence will also be available through Showcase and Masterwork Milestones, two new mechanisms coming in phase 2 of the Mythic redesign.


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