How to beat Morgott the Omen King in Elden Ring?

If you enjoy playing Elden Ring, you’re probably aware that Morgott is a major antagonist. Do you want to know how to beat Morgott? Continue reading this article until the end to find out.

The Morgott boss in Elden Ring appears shortly after you defeat Godfrey and continue towards the Erd Tree’s base. Morgott the Omen King, as you’ve probably guessed, is Margit the Fell Omen’s true identity. You may have already faced the boss twice in Elden Ring.

You’ll have met Margit when you first enter Stormveil Castle, but there’s also a second encounter on the Altus Plateau battlefield. Morgott isn’t fooling around this time; the Tarnished has become a serious impediment to his ambitions.

Where will you find out Morgott in Elden Ring?

Once you’ve defeated Godfrey, simply exit his arena and turn left to find Morgott. There will be some stairs and the path will be littered with the corpses of Palm Readers, a foreshadowing of the impending battle. You’ll arrive at Marika’s bedchamber, but the Goddess isn’t there. Instead, you will be attacked by a Black Knife Assassin. This is your only threat between the two bosses, and the assassin is lightning fast, so don’t underestimate them.

After you’ve dealt with the assassin, proceed to the Erd Tree and the fog gate, where Morgott will be waiting for you.

How to beat Morgott the Omen King in Elden Ring?

Look for a summon sign for Melina on the ground before entering the fog. This is the lady who gave you Torrent and has assisted you in your travels around the world. Melina can join you as an NPC in this battle and be a valuable ally.

Summon her if you want some backup, or don’t summon her if you want to face Morgott alone. In this battle, you can also use your Spirit Summons to assist Melina. Morgott will attack you with his new sword after the cutscene concludes. The fight is similar to the Margit battles, but Morgott has a slew of new moves to show.

Morgott’s sword is lethal, and he has some new attack combos, but they all follow the same patterns as before. So, avoid his attacks and punish him once he’s recovered.

When Morgott hits half health, the conflict will shift to a second phase. He’ll now begin summoning trees that will fill the arena with lightning, although this is a rather simple doge. It does, however, make it more difficult to close upon him and finish him out.

Ranged players will need to stay near enough to blast him with magic or arrows while avoiding these new attacks and him. Melee players can use their summoning motions to narrow the distance and hit him hard.


Now you can beat the Morgott easily. However, if you still have any questions you can ask them in the comment section below.