How to complete Apex Legends Bangalore Story event: The Williams Sendoff

Wondering what Apex Chronicles are? These are mini-story events in-game that provide nuggets of lore for the game’s legends. It’s Bangalore’s turn this time, with ‘The Williams Sendoff’ releasing on March 29. To complete the whole Bangalore Chronicles event, you must complete five separate chapters.

Continue reading to find out how to accomplish this event.

Apex Legends is a widely popular free-to-play battle royale game published by Electronic Arts and developed by Respawn Entertainment. The game is widely popular and is accessible on nearly every platform.

Let’s go right to it and figure out how to accomplish the Bangalore Story event in Apex Legends:

Scout of Action Challenge

This one is very interesting. Apex’s Bangalore story event begins with Chapter 1, titled “Scout of Action,” and a basic challenge. To finish it, simply load up the shooting range as Bangalore and grab the G7 Scout on the pedestal.

This starts the Scout of Action challenge, in which you must shoot 35 blue targets in a minute. It’s not difficult at all, and if you complete it, you’ll be rewarded with a new cutscene as well as the Scout of Action loading screen.

Wraith reveals to her grieving teammate in this movie how she discovered Bangalore’s brother Jackie’s dog tags in a mortuary. Moreover, it also reveals whether Jackie is truly dead, and how Bangalore will deal with that truth, which should be revealed in the next four parts.

Jackson’s “Bow-Out” Challenge

It’s now time for the second task. This is another shooting range skill test, but this time with the Bocek Bow. To do so, enter the firing range as Bangalore and take the Bow from the pedestal on the far left.

This begins the challenge, which requires you to do 1000 damage to a single target with the weapon in one minute. The target moves back and forth on a track at random, and its movement becomes increasingly irregular as the time approaches zero.

When you finish it, you’ll get a new loading screen as well as the Bow-Out cinematic.

Smoke Show Challenge

The “Smoke Show” challenge comes in third place. This one is the most difficult so far, and it begins with walking to the pedestal with the pistol located in the space between the two left platforms.

You must do 1250 damage to dummies hidden in the smoke in one minute. Their outlines will appear on the pistol’s integrated sight, so simply scan the smoke and blast away when you find one.

Upon completion, you’ll see another loading screen with Bangalore and Loba, as well as some interesting lore and interaction between the two characters. We’ll leave it at that, but after you finish it, you’ll realize what we mean.

Finale: Say Goodbye

In order to finish the Bangalore story mission, you must fulfill the ‘The Williams’ Sendoff’ finale: Say your goodbyes. This brings up a passage of Storm Point where Bangalore sends her brother off with a beer, much as she did in her Stories from the Outlands episode.

This is by far the simplest to do, as you only need to walk up to the cooler and press one button. As a reward, you’ll receive a Rare Bangalore Pack, which contains items unique to the legend as well as crafting resources.


You’re finished once you’ve completed all of these challenges! Make careful you finish each segment by Tuesday, April 12, when ‘The Williams Sendoff’ will expire and the challenges will be removed.

However, if you have any further questions, please leave them in the comments area below.