Where to find Level Up token at Fortnite Sunburned Shacks?

Fortnite quests are always interesting as players can discover new places around the map. With week 2 of Monarch quests, you will be able to explore another mysterious place named Sunburned Shacks. You need to go to the Sunburned Shacks because one of the level-up tokens will be located there.

Keep reading as we are going to guide you where you can find the level-up token at Sunburned Shacks.

Fortnite is a very popular battle royale game developed by Epic Games and it is available on almost every platform. Moreover, Fortnite has a huge player base and its esports scene is quite enormous as well.

Without wasting time let’s check out where to find level-up token at Fortnite Sunburned Shacks.

Where to find Level Up token at Fortnite Sunburned Shacks?

Sunburned Shacks is a tiny island on the east of the map. You can easily go there by taking a speedboat from Sanctuary’s coast. Once you reach the island you will find out the level up token next to the furniture behind the red shack.

After collecting all the Week 1 and 2 tokens you will receive the Monarch’s black Glow Wrap. Only 14 more tokens will be needed to acquire Monarch’s Golden skin style that’s unlockable after Week 4 challenges.


Have you already completed this quest? If not, you can follow the guide that we mentioned above to find out the level-up token easily at Fortnite Sunburned Shacks.

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