BGMI players should complete PUBG Mobile data import ASAP

Battlegrounds Mobile India a.k.a BGMI has reminded its users to complete data transfers from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG Mobile) before the deadline. Players have until December to transfer their PUBG Mobile data, after which all of their data from the global version will be deleted. Players may import their PUBG Mobile data here. In the event that gamers want assistance, Krafton has provided a how-to guide on its website, which includes detailed instructions on what may and cannot be moved.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (“New App”) will transfer part of the data from the Prior App account to the New App in order to provide more seamless gaming for players who have previously utilised PUBG Mobile Normdic Map: Livik (“Prior App”), according to Krafton in a statement.

Player progress in PUBG Mobile Nordic Map: Livik will be lost if the deadline for data transfers from the map is reached on December 31. Players must bear in mind that only Facebook accounts may be utilised on Android phones in order to proceed with the data transfer procedure. Since the game was published earlier this year, it has not been possible to transfer funds using a Google Play Games account to another account. Android users have at least one option for transferring data, while iOS users may be forced to rely on social media sites like Twitter.

To transfer your data, you must first download BGMI on your Android or iPhone device and then proceed through the setup process until you have created a character. As soon as you are through creating the character, a pop-up window will show on the screen asking if you wish to proceed with the data transfer.

If you choose “Yes,” you will be sent to another window that will question you about the account you wish to import. To sync your PUBG Mobile data, select the account that you previously used to sync your data. Because this might be Facebook or Twitter, data transfer will not operate unless you have data saved on either platform.

It’s also worth noting that Krafton recently made it obligatory for Android customers to have the Facebook app installed on their phones in order to link their accounts. This will apply to both data transfers and voice communications. Web logins will be accepted for Twitter. After selecting the platform for data transmission, proceed with the procedure by selecting “I Agree” from the drop-down menu. You will be contacted as soon as the transfer has been completed.

It is possible to find out more about what you may and cannot import from Krafton’s rules, which you can access by either clicking on the link in the pop-up message or visiting the company’s official website.

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