PUBG: New State will have a Trunk feature that will let players store loot

PUBG: New State is set to release later this week, and Krafton has begun teasing some of the upcoming features that the new battle royale game will have ahead of time. Krafton said in a YouTube video that players in PUBG: New State will be able to keep their treasure and weapons in a trunk, similar to the one seen above.

This feature is referred to as “Trunk,” and it effectively transforms your car into a mobile storage facility, allowing you to access your belongings when you rejoin in TDM mode or leave them for your teammates.

PUBG: New State’s Trunk feature, as seen in Krafton’s video, would allow players to transport their belongings. To keep their treasure and weapons, players can travel to a vehicle and place them in the trunk of a car or an off-road vehicle. In the event that a player approaches a car, they will now be presented with the choice “Trunk.”

It is possible to reload their treasure and weapons into the trunk by tapping on it, although this is not recommended. This feature will be accessible from the first day of the game’s release, PUBG: New State.

The most effective approach to take advantage of the Trunk feature is to store all of your treasure and weapons in one secure location so that your foes do not have access to them after you have been murdered by them. Another advantage is in TDM battles, when you resurface with no weapons or if you are resurrected by a Green Flare Gun, which is a great advantage.

You may swiftly get to the car where you kept the treasure and outfit yourself with anything you need. This trunk can also be accessible by your colleagues in the event that they require weaponry to battle enemy forces. One trunk may be utilised by any of the colleagues on a team, and everyone can trade stuff from one trunk to the next.

It is the first time that a feature of this nature has been introduced into a game in the PUBG world, and depending on how well it is received, it may be included in future games as well. Although it is unlikely at this time because PUBG: New State is a brand-new game with enhanced ways to dispatch foes, making the Trunk feature – and any other similar tools – accessible on current PUBG games would effectively terminate the exclusivity.

Following the release of the game, Krafton also revealed its ambitions. For the PUBG: New State community, it stated that there would be a consistent flow of new and robust content and that all players will have access to worldwide service support as well as an anti-cheat system in order to guarantee they have the greatest gaming experience possible. PUBG: New State will be released on November 11 in India and 199 other countries, and will be available on Android and iOS devices.