PUBG: New State is improving gyroscope sensitivity through the update

There will be an upgrade next week that restricts cheating and third-party apps from exploiting the game in real-time, Krafton announced on Friday. The gyroscope and in-game sound system will be fixed as part of this update, which will enhance the overall gaming experience for everyone. Krafton also said that PUBG: New State has now been downloaded 40 million times. A virtual party in the battle royale game is being held to celebrate the company’s success, and prizes such as chicken medals and BP random boxes are being given out to participants.

By way of an official release, Krafton has stated that the newest PUBG: New State update will have the ability to eliminate players who are utilising third-party tools to obtain an unfair edge in the game. Unauthorized third-party programmes will face increased limitations, suspensions, and bans as a result of the new anti-cheat system.

Gyroscope sensitivity will be improved and inverted controls for the gyroscope included in the update. Bugs relating to virtual controls and squad killings will be addressed in the same way. According to the game’s publisher, a problem with the sound of footsteps not being constant will be addressed.

Additionally, PUBG: New State will have a character motion that allows for complete sprinting. It will also address bugs such as characters returning to their former locations when they walk or run on stairs and the edges of buildings, scope sights show incorrectly, and a grey ball suddenly appearing in the lobby. Deep links on iOS will also be fixed by this. Other known issues will also be addressed.

Exactly when players will be able to get the update is still unknown, although Krafton has stated that the game will be taken down for maintenance next week in order to receive the updates.

PUBG: New State has now been downloaded 40 million times by players all across the world. To commemorate the game’s success, gamers have been given the opportunity to participate in a seven-day virtual festival. The event will remain through December 6th, and on the first, fourth, and seventh days, players will get three Chicken Medals. On the third and fifth days of the promotion, gamers will additionally receive BP Random Boxes. On the second and sixth days of the tournament, there will be Troi 150 per cent BP Cards and Erangel 150 per cent BP Cards.

Logging into PUBG: New State during the event will grant players access to the specified perks. It’s also worth noting that the awards are only valid for the virtual party and will no longer be available after that.

PUBG: New State, the studio’s latest mobile game, was published earlier this month. In less than a week since its release, Google Play saw more than 10 million downloads of the app.