PUBG: New State is now getting anti-cheating update for Android

It has been announced that PUBG: New State, the most current battle royale game from the house of Krafton, would actively screen players that utilise cheating tactics while playing the game. As a result, the mobile game has received an upgrade that includes additional anti-cheating mechanisms, and gamers using Android phones will be unable to play the game until they have done so.

Krafton just published a blog post in which they discussed the development. The blog, which refers to all PUBG: New State players as “Survivors,” also states that players who play the game on Android phones will now be requested to download an update when they first start it. This update will need to be downloaded from either Google Play or the Samsung Galaxy Store in order to be installed.

The blog states unequivocally that this will be “a crucial update” and that players will not be able to access the game until they first download and install it on their device.

Additionally, according to the blog, a comparable upgrade for iOS devices is already in the works and will be released at some point in the near future.

Players in PUBG: New State will also receive certain bonuses as a result of installing the latest update. According to the site, these incentives will consist of a total of three chicken medals, which will be given as “compensation for the upgrade.”

In addition, the crucial update is the first in a series of upgrades that are intended to improve the game’s anti-cheat features in general. The set of upgrades for PUBG: New State will be aimed at identifying and preventing any cheating methods that may be taking place within the game’s environment. PUBG: New State already has a policy of banning any users who are proven to be cheating in the game, which can be seen here.

In the new blog post, the game’s developers also offer suggestions for dealing with any problems that may arise when downloading the update. The user is recommended to forcibly quit the app store – whether it’s the Google Play Store or the Samsung Galaxy Store – or to restart their device in such a circumstance. After that, the update should be downloaded and installed on the phone without any difficulties.

This upgrade may also be made available to some of the smartphone models in the future, according to the blog post. Despite the fact that this is likely to be a relatively small number of phone models.

PUBG: New State made its Android premiere in India a few weeks ago, and it has since gained widespread popularity. Despite the fact that several bugs were reported during the initial rollout, they were quickly resolved in the following days. The game shows the future of the PUBG world, with improved visuals and more dynamic gameplay than previous iterations, as well as new weapons and other things and abilities to discover and use in the game.