Call of Duty Mobile is getting the Season 10 in a week from today

If you enjoy playing battle royale games, Christmas has come early to your house this year. While PUBG Mobile has returned to India with a futuristic version of the game named PUBG: New State, Call of Duty Mobile is receiving a new season of its popular shooter.

Season 10 of Call of Duty Mobile is just a few days away, or less than a week if you want to be specific. Developers have begun to tease what players may anticipate from the forthcoming season in terms of weaponry, toys, and levels in advance of the game’s premiere on March 31st. What may prove to be the most compelling feature is the new submachine gun, which gamers of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare will recognise right away.

The devs stated in a tweet that “a familiar but fresh SMG to COD Mobile is on its way very soon.” This submachine gun is the CBR4, which is a fast-firing weapon that was originally featured in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series on the PC. There is also a new map in Call of Duty Mobile, which will be available with Season 10 and will be familiar to Modern Warfare gamers. It is referred to as Vacant, and it includes a variety of fighting stances and tactics. Building halls are becoming less large, but mid-sized rooms with blind spots are becoming more prevalent, allowing players to demonstrate a variety of techniques.

In the forthcoming season of Call of Duty Mobile, players will be able to use a new weapon in the game. The SVD sniper rifle is the weapon that players may get through the battle pass. Snowball Fight and Control are two new game types that will be released in the near future, and players will be able to eliminate in-game resources, making it easier to manage what you need and what you don’t need. Some weapons in the Season 10 update will also include a feature that allows them to be adjusted for balance.

More information regarding the next Season 10 is likely to be released in the following days, but gamers should expect to be wowed by what they see. Players will undoubtedly become addicted to Call of Duty Mobile when new weaponry and a new map are introduced, especially at a time when the battle royale genre is seeing the most significant shakeup in recent memory. With powerful and futuristic weaponry, a drone to hover about the area, the option to keep treasure and weapons in the trunk of a vehicle, or even a car, PUBG: New State may serve as a welcome refresher for gamers.

I only played for a short period of time, but I thought I was capable of playing the game in the manner in which battle royale titles are intended. It is quite similar to PUBG Mobile, however, it includes extras like as better weaponry and armour. As a result, the experience is far superior to what you would receive from playing Battlegrounds Mobile India.

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