BGMI has launched a new campaign for players

As part of a new campaign, Battlegrounds Mobile India has urged its gamers to take better care of their emotional and physical well-being. The programme, dubbed “Game Responsibly,” consists of a series of educational movies for gamers and parents of children who play video games. These behaviours include scheduled gaming sessions and downtimes that allow gamers to take a break from playing for long periods of time at once.

“We acted because we care so much about our players.” Wooyol Lim, the head of Krafton’s Battlegrounds Mobile Division, said the improvements were designed to guarantee that gamers, especially children, adhere to safe gaming behaviours. As a result, it demonstrates our commitment to fair and honest business procedures.” The health and well-being of our players is always a major priority for us.”

There will be informative movies released periodically on YouTube under the banner of “Game Responsibly” in order to assist gamers break their addiction to Battlegrounds Mobile India’s game. Using a “lighthearted” approach, the first video on YouTube addresses the issue of “constant gaming.” Take pauses and avoid staring at your phone constantly in the second video. It is Krafton’s stated goal to improve the “game-life balance” of Battlegrounds Mobile India gamers by launching this campaign.

Six techniques of encouraging safe gaming were also provided by Battlegrounds Mobile India. The game has a variety of options for gamers who worry they’ve become addicted and are in need of assistance. How Krafton does things:

There is a message that appears just before the game begins informing players that they are entering a virtual environment. The in-game soundtrack serves as a reminder that this is a game and not a real-world experience.

Prior to beginning their first game, all players under the age of 18 will be required to register a parent or guardian for OTP authentication. For this registration step, an OTP will be generated and delivered to the registered user’s mobile phone number. Players under the age of eighteen will be denied access to the game until their identities have been verified.

Reminders for Breaks: Occasionally, gamers get so involved in their games that they lose track of time. players benefit from reminders to take regular breaks. These reminders encourage people to step away from the game and return to the real world, ensuring a healthy balance between their gaming and real-world lives.

Players under the age of 18 are limited to three hours of gaming every day. However, BGMI asks for age verification when the game is run for the first time, so this is not a guarantee.

Underage gamers are automatically prevented from overspending by an in-game daily spending restriction of Rs 7000. This is how parents can keep an eye on how much time their children spend playing the game.

Game Visuals that have been regulated, Battlegrounds Mobile India has censored in-game graphics in order to “inculcate a healthy and responsible gaming culture.” In the game, there is less violence and carnage, and players may choose parameters to keep the language under control.