Reasons Why New World Player Base is Declining

Amazon’s New World MMORPG debuted to great fanfare and reached a peak of slightly under 1 million gamers on Steam. However, one month after its release, the number of players dropped. Despite all of the excitement around Amazon’s MMO title, New World, the game had a difficult start. Aeternum continues to suffer under the weight of the hype it produced, with server difficulties and a sluggish conclusion.

With almost one million concurrent players on the weekend of its release, New World had one of the most amazing openings of the year, earning the game the #1 place on Steam’s player rankings. New World could not have hoped for a better launch, especially as a new IP, beating out Steam favorites like Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

However, server difficulties were a major concern at first, preventing many gamers from fully enjoying their experience. Many New World users have reported difficulties, malfunctions, and exploits that violate the game’s balance, despite the game’s mainly good Steam reviews.

According to Forbes, many of New World’s players have abandoned the game, with the game’s SteamCharts top player count of 913,000 at launch dropping to barely 304,000 as of November 7. The fall is continuous week to week, with the journal claiming a weekly loss of 100,000 peak gamers over the previous four weeks alone.

Why Players are leaving New World?

Reasons Why new world players are declining

Players have expressed their dissatisfaction with frequent issues and missing features on New World forums and Reddit, and with no content plan in sight, it’s unclear when the developer will implement the numerous changes they are waiting for.

Although there is no timeline, the tide for New World may be turning soon, as Amazon Games has unveiled a new option for fans to contribute and improve the game through playtesting. New World’s Public Test Realm is already released to provide fans access to unannounced new features and enhancements to gather feedback before they’re put into the complete game. The PTR will be the first place where new weapons, objectives, and quests will be tested, with users able to report any issues or malfunctions.

It’s unclear whether the program will be enough to entice lost gamers back, but new content might breathe new life into the game once it’s patched and installed, though it’s unclear when that will happen. While the decline in New World’s player count is dramatic, it’s usual for live-service games to experience a drop in numbers early in their lives.

There are still several things that people wish to see in the game, and some of them may be enough to rekindle interest in the MMO. The Public Test Realm is intended to provide a tonne of new material for fans to enjoy, and while it’s unclear when it’ll make its way into the main game, New World may see a resurgence in the future.

The PvE Endgame in New World Is Pretty Weak

Reasons Why new world players are declining

We’ve always known that New World’s PvE content will take a back seat to the game’s PvP components, but it’s still startling to see how empty the game’s endgame PvE is. Expeditions, Arenas, Elite Enemy encounters, Invasions, and collecting Legendary Weapons are now the most popular PvE activities in New World. Everything is relatively normal for an MMO endgame, which is part of the problem. There’s just a lot of PvE endgame stuff that doesn’t seem particularly distinct.

Very little of it is built in such a manner that it encourages you to spend a significant amount of time attempting to accomplish it or to spend a significant amount of time rehashing previous material to get to the endgame. At the moment, the PvE endgame in New World feels more like the natural conclusion of the leveling process than something you’re eager to get there since it unlocks these great new possibilities that truly demonstrate what New World is all about.

The Leveling Process in New World is Incredibly Slow

We should discuss why some New World players may have abandoned the game before it ever got to that point.

In New World, the leveling process is quite sluggish. While it’s obvious that the leveling process in this game is designed to be slower than in other current MMOs, the reality remains that some players will dislike how…methodical the game is and will just quit playing. This is especially true for individuals who set out to reach Level 60 as rapidly as possible but quickly burnt out in the process.

Even those who enjoy New World’s speed may find themselves drawn to its slower pace and lack the will to keep grinding until they reach the level limit.