PUBG: New State is set to debut on November 11

The launch date for PUBG: New State has been scheduled for November 11, according to publisher Krafton, who made the announcement at a conference on Friday. More than 200 nations, including India, will be able to play the new mobile game following a final technical test in 28 countries on October 29–30, according to the South Korean business.

Pre-registrations on Android and iOS for PUBG: New State, which was unveiled in February, total more than 50 million. Although it went online in India in September, the pre-registration procedure for the game began immediately after the introduction of the game worldwide.

PUBG: New State will be released as a free-to-play mobile game in 17 different languages throughout the world, according to Krafton, who spoke during an event live-streamed on YouTube.

There will be 28 countries involved in the last PUBG: New State technical test, which will take place next week in 28 different locations around the world. These locations include Bahrain Cambodia Egypt Hong Kong Indonesia Iraq Japan Jordan Korea Kuwait Laos Lebanon Macao Macao Malaysia Malaysia Maldives Myanmar Nepal Philippines Qatar Saudi Arabia Singapore Sri Lanka Taiwan Thailand Turkey UAE and Yemen

It’s been said that PUBG: New State, which takes place in 2051, will be on par with the PC edition of PUBG: Battlegrounds when it comes to its gunplay and rendering technologies, so it’ll be interesting to see how that compares. Next-generation visuals were teased as well, according to the business spokesperson.

PUBG Studios will create PUBG: New State just as they did with the first PUBG: Battlegrounds. New maps will be added, as well as changes to the gameplay.

“PUBG: New State retains the heart of the PUBG IP and will be competitive on the worldwide market in and of itself,” said Krafton CEO CH Kim in a press release.. In the future, Krafton plans to continue making games that people all over the world will love. We’re devoted to providing a more comprehensive experience since we believe that video games will surpass all other forms of media in power.

For its part, PUBG: New State’s creative director Daehun Kim stated that his team’s goal is for the game to take the battle royale genre ahead by adding unique gameplay elements such as weapon customization, the drone market, and its own method of player recruiting. Each of the game’s four playable worlds will have its own distinct map. As well as additional material and enhanced gameplay, it will include a season-based service that emphasises both balance and entertainment, according to the CEO.

Publisher Henry Chung announced that Krafton plans to develop nine global service centres to better engage with and serve players worldwide.

Sangwan Kim, the head of PUBG Studios’ anti-cheat unit, announced that Krafton will prohibit the use of unlicensed apps, emulators, keyboards, and mice, as well as aggressively identify and prevent hacks in PUBG: New State. It’s also said that the corporation pays great attention to user comments and incorporates it into game upgrades.

PUBG: New State, Krafton’s next mobile game following PUBG Mobile and India-only Battlegrounds Mobile India, was unveiled earlier this year as a new mobile gaming title (BGMI). After passing the 40 million thresholds in September, it got over 10 million additional pre-registrations in the previous month alone.