Krafton has announced three new ways to crack down on cheaters

The disruption that cheats cause during Battlegrounds Mobile India games is not only inconvenient but also goes against the spirit of the game’s fair play. Krafton, the company that owns Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, has repeatedly outlined the steps it has taken to combat the use of illicit accounts that detract from the experience of legitimate players.

However, this is insufficient. There have been some tough players who have slipped through the cracks, and now Krafton is aiming to go after them with a series of additional procedures that seem promising.

A new blog post has been published by Krafton, explaining these steps, which are essentially an extension of what the firm has previously been doing. “Logic enforcement and upgrades to unlawful programs, banning ad channels, and real-time monitoring” are among the everyday tasks carried out by the South Korean firm, according to the business. So far, it has deactivated 1.52 million accounts that were involved in unfair gaming behavior. However, the additional protection measures will elevate Krafton’s security system to a whole new level.

1) Detailed revalidation of top-ranked users’ game data

Krafton is planning a retaliatory attack on players who have achieved high levels of success in the game. It will conduct a thorough investigation into the financial accounts of these athletes. “We’re putting everything back together,” Krafton remarked.

This implies that if a user’s account is discovered to be utilizing cheats, the account will be banned. If a Krafton account is found to be advocating cheating or attempting a cheat-assisted rank push, the account will be banned. According to Krafton, a lifetime ban will be imposed on any account that has previously cheated but has lately ceased doing so.

2) Preventing cheater and cheat software advertisement

If Krafton discovers an account that is advertising “the sale of illegal programs and cheats through in-game profile images,” or that is sharing “illegal program usage videos, promotional videos, and images on other websites,” it will “take strong measures,” such as suspending the account or closing the channel.

3) Strengthening security systems

Krafton has said that it will continue to prohibit reasoning via improved analysis of cheats and unlawful gamers in order to maintain its position. “Providing a fair gaming environment is one of our fundamental principles, and we will use whatever means and measures are required to address any activity that interferes with this,” said Krafton. “We will use whatever means and measures necessary to address any action that interferes with this.”

Considering the present state of game security, all three of the steps Krafton has recently revealed sound promising, but they are not as effective as the anti-cheat procedures that the business has already put in place, according to the company. Cheaters in the game have always been able to discover a means to engage in unlawful actions while participating in the activity. All that is left is for Krafton to outwit them with lightning-fast reactions.