BGMI players can now buy UC from Codashop with Bonus UC

BGMI Codashop: Players of Battlegrounds Mobile in India now have a new location to go-to for all of their UC-related requirements. Krafton has announced a partnership with Codashop that will allow players to purchase Unreal Championship (UC) items directly from the in-game store.

A few details about your Battlegrounds Mobile India account are all that is required for the Codashop to credit the Battlegrounds Mobile India UC you purchase almost instantly. UC is an abbreviation for Unknown Cash, and it appears frequently in the game. Your in-game currency is required to purchase cosmetics, outfits, and other in-game items that will improve your gaming experience.

Although UC has always been available for purchase from within the game, the partnership with Codashop provides you with yet another option for purchasing UC. Krafton, on the other hand, is not in the same boat.

Krafton will be able to avoid the fees that Google and Apple impose when you make in-app purchases by using a third-party provider for unified communications. The cost of the UC will remain the same, but Krafton will now earn a greater profit on its sale than in the past.

What Krafton has come up with here is clever, because, unlike Epic’s mistake, in which it introduced a payments system on the App Store without Apple’s permission, Krafton is relying on a third party to complete the transaction.

The third-party will receive a portion of the payments, but it is likely to be less than what Google and Apple are asking for in their requests. Both Google and Apple charge a 30 percent fee on every purchase made through their respective online stores, the Google Play Store and the App Store.

Krafton has not commented on the charge reduction or the decision to shift to avoid it.

While purchasing UC from within the game is convenient, Krafton prefers that players purchase them from Codashop. To reward you for your efforts, it is offering a bonus of up to 45 percent on UC purchases made through Codashop.

Furthermore, if you make your purchase on Codashop using Paytm, you can receive a cashback of up to Rs 750. Codashop’s main page has an icon for Battlegrounds Mobile India, which you may click on to learn more. By selecting it, you will be taken to a page where you will be required to enter your User ID and select the amount of money you wish to recharge your UC. You have access to all available payment alternatives, including UPI, however, using Paytm for payments will earn you Rs 99 in cashback on your first five transactions of a minimum value of Rs 99 or more.

In the instance that you top-up before October 13, you will get additional UC or Bonus UC in the following ways:

Cost (Source: BGMI Codashop) Receive UC Bonus UC
60 6
300 55
600 120
1500 450
3000 1150
6000 2700