4 Benefits of Customized Email or Business Email

Email communication is slowly but steadily becoming the most common method for organizations and customers to communicate with one another. It is time-efficient, cost-effective, and convenient – and it is beneficial to all parties!

Today, virtually everyone has an email account and can be reached at any time of day or night.  Every company must have a professional email account to maintain communication with clients, coworkers, and future customers. There are several free email providers that you can use to set up an email account in seconds – Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo, to name a few examples.

You may not have realized it, but having a free email account as a professional might make you look unprofessional. Let us consider the following scenario:

You’ve probably experienced the frustration of walking into a highly professional workplace only to be met with a follow-up email from a Gmail or a Hotmail account. It’s a little off-putting, and it gives them the appearance of being a novice. Personal email accounts such as Gmail or Yahoo are typically thought of when discussing email.

Changing your email address from an amateur to a professional status can help you elevate your company’s standing from an amateur to a professional level of success. With a personalized email address, you can quickly increase the legitimacy of your small business and even make it appear as though it is part of a larger enterprise. If you currently have a business website, you can quickly change your email addresses to be associated with your company’s identity. Now let’s take a look at some of the advantages of using a customized email for your company’s needs.

1. It looks professional

Your small firm will get instant credibility by sending out personalized emails. It will also create the impression that you are well-established in your field. Customers are more likely than not to search for evidence of authenticity before deciding to engage with a business.

Whether they are putting their faith in them to perform a service, to care for their health, to offer a product, or to provide advice, they need to be convinced that the firm is reputable and trustworthy. Consumers responded positively to a recent poll, with over 65 percent saying they would pick a firm that provides them with a branded email address over one that offers them a free one. If you want to establish your firm as a professional and reputable player in your field, you should consider using a personalized email address.

Telecommunications providers also provide a free email address with the majority of internet packages; nevertheless, you should avoid utilizing these addresses for business-related purposes. Your email is no longer accessible the moment you terminate your service or switch providers.

2. It’s Safe and Secure

When you have a personalized email address, it is hosted by the same trustworthy company that also hosts your domain name and other services. In the same way that your domain name is linked to your personalized email address, so is the other way around.

Your email address is protected in the same way as your website is protected by an SSL certificate and other security measures. Any private information that is provided over email is protected by encryption and is not accessible to other parties. This is necessary to ensure that any personal and private information submitted by clients via email to your company is kept safe and will not be shared or spread on the internet by scrapers or spammers.

Furthermore, we should never place our complete confidence in a free service provider. What would you do if Gmail adopted a pricing model tomorrow and charged a prohibitive cost for each email – would you continue to use their services or would you switch to another provider? What if they decide to delete your email address (for a variety of reasons) from their database? What method would clients use to get in touch with you?

In addition, having an email address that is linked to your domain name assures you will be able to access your email address(es) throughout the duration of the domain name’s registration – and that any information (personal or business-related) you provide will be secured from internet hackers. Having a personalized email address is important for the security of your company and your clients.

3. It’s a Simple and Easy

Not only is it simpler for you and your team to remember a personalized email address, but it is also easier for your clients to remember as well. Many individuals are apprehensive about clicking on an email link that comes from an unknown source. When an email is sent from a free account (such as Gmail or Hotmail), it may appear to be spam and wind up in the trash bin.

If your company is communicating with a client for the first time (for example, through a marketing email or replying to a website request form), you want the client to understand who is attempting to connect with them.

Furthermore, as a business owner, having a customized email address makes it easier for you to handle your company’s communications. You can establish new accounts for workers or new roles in a couple of minutes, depending on the system you use.

You may also manage any existing emails associated with your company and remove any accounts that are no longer in use. The fact that you can integrate your custom email account just as easily as any other free email account on your smartphone device or computer, have it sync with your desktop application (such as Outlook), or access your email through a web browser when you’re not in the office is one of our favorite features of the service. Having a personalized email address makes things easier for you, your employees, and your customers.

4. Easy Customized

It is possible to create a personalized email address that is anything you desire. Your small business may require various email addresses for different jobs or employees depending on the size and field of the company you run. For example, in any firm, the most popular email addresses to have are as follows:

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Having distinct email accounts for each department in your company helps to keep things organized and organized. You will no longer be spending your time combing through appointment request emails while your receptionist or appointment clerk is staring at an empty inbox for the rest of the day. The ability to delegate incoming email inquiries to the right staff is available to you. This can also help to improve the efficiency and pace of your workplace. In the time that you would have spent responding to emails, you might have spent generating new initiatives for yourself or your team instead.

Put another way, your personalized email address is derived from the domain name that you have registered with us.

Alternatively, a domain name is the URL of your website that is entered into the search box of an internet browser – this may also be the name of your company or organization. Your company’s name must be easy to understand and professional in appearance. If your company has a registered website, you should only use a personalized email address to communicate with customers. Custom email creation should be done after you have built your company website if you haven’t already done so before getting started.

The reason we recommend this is that clients will want to search your email for additional information online (typically, a custom email is attached to a website), and if they are unable to find anything, the likelihood of that potential client calling back to confirm their first appointment will be significantly reduced.

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