Valorant Patch Notes 3.01 Released

Patch 3.01 isn’t as game-changing as previous patches, but it does fix a few irritating bugs and enhance the overall VALORANT experience by making the game more enjoyable.

Players will no longer be able to use Sage’s Barrier Orb to deflect missiles while they are in mid-flight. Skye is also unable to use her Guiding Light talent while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. There was a problem that allowed KAY/O to be healed when downed in NULL/CMD, and that bug has been fixed. In addition, patch 3.01 fixed a visual problem that allowed Sova’s Recon Bolt to seem as if it was being deployed while in the air.

Several social bugs have now been resolved, including the bug that enabled players to modify the colors of text chat to imitate system messages, which was previously present. The glitch that caused the invite button UI to overlap with the Defender Coach UI in custom games has been fixed, and the bug that caused player names to appear as a question mark if the “Use Generic Names for Players Outside my Party” option was enabled has been removed. The invite button UI will now appear as a question mark in custom games.

As you can see from the bug fixes listed below, the Riot team is still working on a few issues and is allowing the main Patch 3.0 improvements to play out while they identify potential future modifications to the game.



  • Using a Barrier Orb on various projectiles while they are in the air is no longer possible for agent Sage.
  • Bug, where Skye was able to ignite the flare of Guiding Light even while she was restrained, has been fixed
  • The ability to heal KAY/O when downed in NULL/CMD has been fixed.
  • When Sova’s Recon Bolt projectile is soaring through the air, it will no longer seek enemies who have been deployed.


  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to exploit text chat colors to mimic system messages by abusing the colors.
  • In Custom Games, a bug was fixed where the invite button UI was overlapping with the Defender Coach UI.
  • The “Use Generic Names for Players Outside my Party” setting was enabled, and this caused names to display as question marks. This has since been fixed.


  • Alignment concerns in the Observer view have been resolved.
  • Account Leveling issues were resolved, which resulted in some of you receiving a lower level than planned.
  • Your Account Level will be adjusted if you were playing at an inappropriate level. You will keep the AP you earned while playing at the incorrect level.
  • Account leveling near the end of the game was affected by visual flaws that have been resolved.