Recent Google Core Update calls for SEO specialists to Prioritise EAT

Part of the beauty of living in the age that we are living in is the sophistication of some of the tools that we rely on every single day. Google has come to dominate the search engine industry and is used by millions of people every day, for so many different things. 

In order to ensure that it is the very best product out there, however, Google releases three to four major updates every year that influences website rankings and visibility, which inevitably have an effect on your website’s traffic, and potentially its revenue. 

The latest Google Core update has led many in the SEO community to begin to wonder what the reasons for their successes or failures may be, and we’re here to give you a little heads up. It’s all about EAT.

Google loves EAT, and while most humans love to eat, Google’s definition of EAT is something very different. EAT stands for expertise, authority, and trust, and are the pillars of what makes a website great. Expertise refers to the website’s content, how in-depth it is, and how much knowledge it has the ability to give off. 

One way to boost your website’s expertise is to vigorously study your competitors, and ensure that the content you are producing is better in every single way. How do you do this? Well, there are always avenues to go deeper with content, so make sure that your content is what can be considered “10x” content. Content that is unique and that has personality, but content that is also more informative and easier to interact with. 

A good method to ensure this is to post relevant content regularly, which benefits the site as keeping things fresh is greatly appreciated by Google. 

As a result, if your website is about mobile betting or betting apps, it’d be a good idea to continuously write about any updates in the industry, any new releases, and any general news within the world of betting on a phone. 

Authority and trustworthiness can be a little more difficult to come by and are also closely linked to expertise. Authority tends to do with a website’s backlink profile, and attaining backlinks takes time and patience. Generally, a great way of attaining backlinks is through pushing your site through social channels. 

A link-building campaign can generally be thought of as getting the word out that your site is here and is here to help people. 

Reaching out to similar and relevant content outlets, and having your work cited by them is one of the best ways to do this, however, try to steer clear of link buying, as this is something that Google believes to be taboo. 

Trust then has to do with how trustworthy not only your content is, but also how trustworthy your site is. A good way to boost trust is to not engage in spammy link schemes (telling people that a link would send them to Spotify, but instead having it send them to a Russian animal market), and to also show users of your site that you are in fact a real person, creating real content that is aimed at benefiting people. 

With these things in mind, if you work hard at boosting your website’s EAT, it is likely that come to the next Google Core Update, you will see a rise in rankings, more traffic, and greater revenue.