Xbox Offers Free Games as Pride Month Celebration

Today, the LGBTQI+ community Celebration is shared by Microsoft Xbox in a variety of ways. The list contains free games, new features of the game, and pride items.

A game named Tell Me Why comes with a playable transgender character is free to play on Xbox gaming consoles, the Microsoft Store, and Steam during June as part of a Pride-month celebration. Furthermore, the gaming service promotes games that incorporate LGBTQI+ relationship possibilities, playable characters, and configurable character choices. Some of these games are Tell Me Why, Undertale and Ikenfell.

Microsoft has also introduced a new Pride collection of merchandise from Xbox, Halo, and other projects.  The product is available in the Xbox Store for purchase. The company also claimed that selected games would release new features and activities around pride throughout the month. This includes a rainbow livery in Forza, a “Unity,” a nameplate in Halo, and a 5-base Gear punch card. Players may collect cash by accomplishing in-game tasks for a good social organization.

Microsoft has stated that Microsoft donates $150,000 to the world’s non-profits for LGBTQI+ equities and delivers new services and products. This list contains The Trevor Project, OutRight International, BEAM, and Mermaids. The list includes the ACLU Foundation. It also offers the LGBTQIA+ community a choice for gaming. Gamers in the US may also support LGBTQIA+ groups via Microsoft Rewards, including The Trevor Project, OutRight Action International, and the Transgender Law Centre.

Finally, the company claimed that the Xbox Twitch official channel would feature takeovers of the LGBTQIA+ community for the whole month.

That being said, Xbox is not the only Organization celebrating Pride month. As host for the second edition of the Digital Pride Festival, Instagram worked with the Queer Muslim Project. The event starts on the 11th of June and runs through the 27th of June. The social media enterprise will feature five components during this event: creative panels, presentations, online safety panels, mental health, and a tutorial on new expression instruments such as Reels.

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