Basic Valorant Tips and Tricks Every Player Should know

Valorant is the most heated competitive game around in the market as of these days. We see a lot of Valorant Global E-sports tournament these days because of which you observe custom name tag with their Team tag. Many people customize their username either for tournaments or for fun. But there are still many who are fascinated by it but couldn’t figure out how to do it. But there is no need to worry now.

In this article, you will get all you need to know about Valorant’s technical aspects. From Changing your name to redeeming codes and fixing lag and FPS drop, we got you covered.

What can be customized?

In Valorant, Riot games facilitate customization of in-game Riot Id and Unique Tag. Players are allowed to customize the tag with a maximum of 5 characters. But, This can be done once in 30 days of time frame. So, choose wisely.

How to get a custom RIOT ID?

Riot Ids can’t be changed through Valorant’s official Website. It can only be done using the official webpage of Riot Games.

  • Once you are on the Sign In page.
  • Log in using your username or password.
  • If you have linked your id with any of the three services, Facebook, Google, or Apple; You can log in using one of the given meta buttons among them.

Riot Account Management


  1. Go to the RIOT ID  section in the Account Management menu.
  2. Customize your Riot Id and Tagline.
  3. Click on ‘Save Changes’.
  4. Restart your game.
  5. Enjoy your new custom RIOT ID along with the tagline.

Riot Id can have a maximum of 16 Alphanumeric Characters whereas Tagline can have a maximum of 5 Alphanumeric Characters. It’s can be widely customized on the personal choice of Valorant players and can be re-modified after 30 days.

How to redeem Valorant rewards using the codes?

Valorant codes are redeemed using the Exclusive Valorant Redemption Portal. Valorant has recently launched the portal after the release of the Duality Trailer. It started for the initial 48 hours exclusive Duality player card. Riot Games did remove the time limit due to the downtime of the Portal of 56 hours.

RedeemSteps to follow:

  1. Sign in using your Riot Id
  2. Enter the code in the box [ As shown in Image]
  3. Click on ‘Submit
  4. Voodoo! Your redeemed content will be available In-game.

Also, Redeeming content doesn’t need you to restart your game. So, It’s easy and fun.

What are the best Graphic settings for no FPS drop and Lag Fix?

Note: I play on an Nvidia 1050, 16Gb RAM, and 2.4Ghz Intel i5 processor, So, All the settings are optimized accordingly.

Valorant FPS settings differ from person to person. If you find a better configuration, feel free to comment down below. All these settings are in-game.


  • Head over to Settings:-> Open Video Section
  • In the General section, Make sure to keep your Aspect Ratio Method on “Letterbox”. If you don’t have a 144Hz display. Set the Max FPS Always ‘On’  and fix the value at ‘80‘ or ‘60‘.
  • If you are an AMD user, No need to worry about the “NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency“, else preferably keep it ‘OFF‘ if you have a low-end system configuration.

Screenshot e

  • If you ever find it difficult to spot enemies, These are the best settings for you. Set your Graphics settings on Medium/Low. For a high-end system, You can keep Vignette and VSync ON.